Guided imagery therapy is one of the fastest growing forms of meditation in the field today. The reason is simple. Guided meditation therapy promotes positive mind growth, relax your soul and can complement many of your existing self -help programs. This technique is absolutely perfect for anyone searching for more patience, harmony, lucidity, balance, and overall peacefulness in their daily lives.

All throughout history medical literature reiterates the fact that meditation works. In the not too recent past meditation was only seen being practised in eastern circles, but as the years have gone by many individuals are catching on to the growing trend. Alternative medicine has seen a major wave in popularity boost lately, and we don’t expect this trend to change any time soon.

There are many things that guided imagery therapy can help you with, and all of them can have some sort of positive impact on your life. Here are some tips to engage in before beginning guided imagery therapy.

1. Turn off your television, cell phone, and any other distractions

This may seem blatantly obvious, but many individuals chose to leave electronics such as the above turned on can interrupt one’s healing session prematurely.

2. Look up beautiful music or pictures before you begin

Doing this seems to cleanse the soul of any previous distractions, and can definitely help tone down on stress and anxiety. Take awhile to enjoy nature by browsing the internet for beautiful scenery, and even take a listen to some of your favourite peaceful music. This can put your mind in exactly the right spot before beginning your guided imagery therapy.

3. Dim or turn out the lights

Dim or completely off the lights in your particular environment can help to direct one’s focus to the mind thus helping with the exercise. This definitely helps beginners in guided imagery therapy to focus solely on the image in their mind.

4. Find the right guided imagery audio track

Although it is not required it definitely helps to locate a audio track to help walk you through the guided imagery exercise. There are thousands of these available online free to download for your listening enjoyment.

5. Set aside all preconceived ideas and expectations

This helps to completely free the mind thus allowing for more creative potential, and eliminating all stress and anxiety from the situation. If you don’t expect anything then the only thing that can come from your visualization is success right?

6. Use incense or candles which give off pleasing scents

This comes along with creating the perfect environment to perform your guided imagery therapy in. Who doesn’t like the smell of some amazing incense or candles to help relieve stress and please the mind?

All in all these steps are not a must while performing guided imagery therapy, but it is definitely a good overall idea to practice at least three of them during your session.