Anxiety attacks are never a good thing and this is why you should practice acupressure for anxiety if you’re suffering from regular attacks. It’s also a good idea to do this as a preventive measure. This applies if you’re suffering from regular bouts of nervousness. Don’t wait until you’re having an anxiety attack to practice acupressure to relieve your anxiety.

Why it Works

This alternative medicine technique is very calming and relaxing. Everyone can benefit from being calmer and more relaxed. Since this is a relatively safe practice, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. This is especially true if you’re suffering from regular bouts of nervousness and anxiety.

How it Works

There’s nothing special that you have to do if you’re already familiar with acupressure in general. Just in case you don’t know, this alternative medicine technique is all about putting pressure on the right pressure points, in fact it’s could help with weight loss also. There are specific pressure points that you have to press to use acupressure for anxiety. Putting the right amount of pressure on the right pressure points will introduce calmness and relaxation to your body which can help prevent and cure anxiety attacks.

Pressure Points that You Need to Press

  • Heavenly Pillar

Look for muscles that feel like rope about half an inch below your skull’s base. It should also be about half an inch outside of your spine. This is found on either side. In addition to relieving stress, this is a good and effective point for acupressure for anxiety.

  • Heavenly Rejuvenation

This point is found on your shoulders. It’s right in the middle of your neck’s base and the outside point of your shoulder. This is also found on either side.

  • Crooked Marsh

This is the area opposite your elbow. It’s where the crease is when you bend your arm. This is found on both arms.

  • Inner Gate

This point is found on the forearm. It’s found on the inside of the forearm, about half an inch from the crease of your wrist. This is also found on both arms.

  • Spirit Gate

This point is found on the crease of the wrist on the side of your pinky finger. This is found on both hands.

  • Third Eye Point

This point is found right in the middle of your eyebrows. It’s the indented part in between your nose’s bridge and your forehead. This is an important point in acupressure for anxiety.

  • Sea of Tranquility

Look for the base of your breastbone. Go up about a couple of inches. This is an important point if your anxiety attack is causing tension in your chest.

Important Things to Consider

You can apply pressure on these points yourself. This is important if you’re alone when having an anxiety attack. You can do this regularly for preventive measures and to help you be more calm and relaxed.

You don’t need to apply pressure on all points. Just apply pressure one by one until you feel better. You can try these acupressure for anxiety tips now to experience instant relaxation. Alternatively you could also try remedy for sleepless night as well as headaches.

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