If you’ve experienced a headache before, then you know how it can mess up your whole day. This is why you’re looking for tips on how to do Acupressure for Headaches on yourself. Some headaches can be so bad that it’s not recommended that you go to school or to work. You won’t be productive anyway and you can endanger yourself and others because you’re not operating at your normal self.

Why Acupressure Works against Headaches

This alternative medicine technique is highly-recommended for those looking for instant relief against pain, insomnia, weight gain and anxiety attack. You just need to know which pressure points to press in order to get this relief. Doing so relaxes and calms your mind and body. This can help you relieve yourself from the pain.

One of the best things about it is it’s natural. This makes it safe for just about anyone. Acupressure in general is relatively safe and this is why it’s used for prevention and treatment. It’s so versatile that there’s even acupressure for weight loss. This speaks of the effectiveness of this alternative medicine technique.

5 Areas for Acupressure for Headaches

Apply pressure on these 5 areas to get instant relief:

Top of your head
Locate the middle part portion of the top of your head by drawing an imaginary line from the front of one ear to the other and from the middle of your eyebrows until it intersects with the imaginary line. Apply pressure firmly on this area while breathing deeply until you get relief.

Think of it as providing direct relief to your head. Place your finger in the area right between your eyebrows. Use your thumb to apply firm and upward pressure. Breathe deeply while doing it. Continue applying pressure on this area until the pain becomes manageable.

Find the area directly in between the bottom of your skull and the top of your neck. Move your thumb and index finger apart sideways and find the indentations on both sides of your neck. Slightly tilt your head backward. To get pain relief when doing acupressure for headaches, apply pressure on this area with a little upward movement for a couple of minutes or until you get relief.

Use the thumb and index finger of your right hand to apply pressure on the area in between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Do so until pain subsides or until a minute is up. Switch hands to apply pressure on the other hand. This is indirect acupressure for headaches that also works.

There’s a pressure point on the top of your foot right in between the two biggest toes that can help you get rid of headaches. You can use your thumb or the heel of your other foot to apply firm and circular pressure on this area for about a minute. Make sure to breathe deeply and switch to the other foot after a minute.

Get Rid of Your 

These are natural ways to help you get rid of headaches. Start practising acupressure for headaches and get instant relief!