Acupressure for sleep makes sense in a lot of ways. After all, this alternative medicine technique is one of the most relaxing techniques out there. This is why people suffering from regular anxiety attacks practice acupressure for anxiety. More and more alternative practitioners are recommending this practice to their patients suffering from sleep problems. In fact, more and more medical practitioners in general are being more open-minded to this practice as a practical cure for sleep problems.

You don’t need to suffer from sleep problems in order to take advantage of acupressure for sleep. You can benefit from it if you’re looking for better quality of sleep.

How it Works

Acupressure is known to cure insomnia, weight loss, anxiety, headaches and other sleep disorders. This is because it’s so relaxing. It is so easy to do that you can practice it on your own. It’s just a matter of putting pressure on the right pressure points. Put pressure on them for a few minutes and joyful and calm sleep is within reach.

Pressure Points to Get Better Sleep

There are basically two pressure points that you need to press in order to fall asleep using acupressure. Here they are along with the instructions on how to do acupressure for sleep on your own:

  • Joyful Sleep

This is a point on the inside of your foot right below your anklebone. Press on this pressure point for a few minutes while taking deep and relaxing breaths. Do this when you’re already in bed ready to sleep.

  • Calm Sleep

The best way to fall asleep is to be calm. This pressure point is on the other side of the Joyful Sleep point. Place your finger on the outside of your foot right below the anklebone. Press on this pressure point for a few minutes in order to relax and be calm which can lead to better sleep.

In order to get the best results, it’s recommended that you press on them at the same time. Use your thumb to press on one pressure point and use your forefinger to press on the other pressure point. If you’re applying pressure on your right foot, use your thumb to apply pressure on Joyful Sleep and your forefinger to apply pressure on your Calm Sleep point. The opposite applies for your left foot.

Additional Tips for Acupressure for Sleep

Follow these tips to complement acupressure:

Relax your body and your mind.
It’s hard to sleep if you’re fiddling with your smartphone or you’re thinking of work.

Take deep breaths.
Deep breathing is very relaxing and calming. This can help you have a relaxed and calm body and mind. While you’re at it, exaggerate a few yawns.

Do some gentle stretches.
Stretch your legs and arms. This can lead to a few yawns. Remember to exaggerate a few yawns.

Try them Tonight!

Try these tips tonight to see if they will work for you. Seeing that acupressure for sleep works for a lot of people, there’s a good chance that they’ll work for you as well.

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