There are countless prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for treating insomnia. But did you know that there are many natural ways of dealing with this condition?  One of the natural alternatives to check out before one opts for clinical treatment is known as the Acupressure Mat.

After a busy day,  you are most likely to sleep once you reach home. You can prescribe medications to help you sleep. However, medical aid is recommended for shorter periods. A long-term method is to rely on natural processes and activities than supplements. For example, it is a lot better for you to naturally sleep instead of relying on drugs to help you sleep.

In order to learn how to naturally relieve insomnia, let us examine its most frequent causes. Most people would experience stress, poor eating habits, physical pain, and environmental factors when going through this problem.

Anxiety and stress can manifest in the mind which would likely lead to a head full of worries and concerns. A head which is never relaxed is not conducive for sleeping. It is important to identify the major cause of your stress in order to overcome the effects of insomnia. However, you can aim at calming your mental performance while reducing your physical symptoms of stress regardless of  its root cause.

Acupressure Mat

This Acupressure mat, initially designed for being used during meditation, offers numerous benefits for basic wellbeing. The acupressure sparring floor is covered with over 6000 points disguised very little lotus flowers, offering as much acupressure points compared to the traditional Indian bed of nails. It does not take sheer number of those stimulating acupressure points making the mat effective in deepening your meditative experience as well as relieving a range of common ailments. Stress causes an increase in your blood pressure and emotional reactions. You may exhibit mood swings, limited temper, nervousness and difficulty in concentrating when you are stressed. These symptoms can easily be naturally reduced through acupressure, consideration, mind calming methods and leisure exercises. The Acupressure Mat has been shown to reduce physical as well as mental signs of stress. It is also known for calming one’s mind and releasing endorphins into your body to cause you to relax and sleep.

Physical pain can keep you awake all night long. Before reaching out for painkillers, consider acupressure. It can relieve nerve anxieties that lead to the pain.

There exists a wonderful Acupressure Mat, ayoga exercise mat (also called Shakti Sparring floor or Nail Mat) that you could rest on before going to sleep. It can help to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety and sleep disruption that result from other factors. This fabric backed mat can be kept beneath your pillow during the day and rolled out in the night. Lay it on your mattress, dim the lights, put some calm music to on and allow yourself to swim in the calm atmosphere.

As you lay on the mat, the Acupressure Mat points stimulate your body’s meridians, triggering a standard calming and comforting effect. The body’s feel-good hormones, endorphins, are then released reducing the feelings of panic and anxiety. This promotes relaxation and you will automatically sleep. A full night spent sleeping on the mat will recharge your body while rebalancing your emotions and mind.

After some time, one will be able to appreciate natural means of getting sleep rather than resorting to prescription drugs. Meditation, pleasure, candles, baths, and Acupressure Mat are perfect recipes for a good night’s sleep! What’s more, you can easily do them at home.

Acupressure Pads Review – The easiest way Your Acupressure Sleeping pad works

There is an increasing demand for better healthcare and resources worldwide. One such resource that seems to be forgotten is the ability of our body to heal itself. Such methods are known as “Alternative Therapies”. They have been effective before the establishment of “Modern Medicine”. One of the most effective treatments for insomnia is Acupressure. It is a non invasive kind of treatment that does not come with negative effects. Acupressure can be practiced in the comfort of your home. Above all, it works. Its results can be measured from onset of the treatment.

Acupressure Mat has a solid reputation among the many natural treatments and alternative medicine techniques across the world. The acupressure mat highly linked to the Soviet Union, where it has been commonly used since the 1980s. Those years, such mats were referred to as Kuznetsov Applicators- a name connected to its inventor, Ivan Kuznetsov. Since their introduction, more Kuznetsov Applicators are being sold with numbers increasing along the years. Research shows that millions of lives have been improved with these Applicators.

During the 1990s, the Soviet Union diminished and Acupressure Mats began to be popular in an array of former Soviet Stop countries and beyond. The Union was a hindrance to the sale and purchase of the mats. Today, we see the popularity of Acupressure Mats spreading throughout the entire world because of their use, gaining prominence in Scandinavia, The Western European countries, America, and Australia. This popularity is highly linked with Acupressure Mats in terms of their simplicity and effectiveness. Contrary to drugs, the relief one is able to receive from these mats is generally immediate.

Acupressure Mat 2

Acupressure Mat benefits health in the following ways – it reduces stress and tension, increases blood flow, and it aids the removal of toxic wastes providing relief from head, neck and shoulder aches. It promotes healing and increases levels of energy and positive thinking. Original Acupressure Exercise mats have provided useful relief in a huge amount of clinical cases that adds to 93 % of the successful medical reliefs.

Countless Acupressure mats are being sold annually and its positive reputation for treatment will increase their sales in the years to come. These mats vary in style, modification and names.

Currently, the mats are marketed under a large volume of trade names. Some trade names are Tibetan Applicator, Euro Prickle Pad, and Bed of nails, Spike mat, Hedgehog, Spikmatta, Shaktimatto, Shakti Pad, Piikkimatto, Yoga mat, Yantra mat or Fakir Mat. With this variety, every buyer is faced with the dilemma of selecting the best mat. Consideration should be placed on the effect of the mat on your skin.