Your body may be filled with toxins. Is the Ayurveda detox an effective way to detoxify your body?

Even though you may be careful of what you put in your body, it’s inevitable that you’ll be exposed to some external pollutants. Detoxifying is a good way of freeing yourself from negative elements in your body. This article explores the cleansing process consideration following the Ayurveda test and Ayurveda Dosha Quiz.

The Principle Behind The Ayurveda Detox

With the Ayurveda detox, you’re not just cleansing your body of unhealthy toxins from the foods that you eat. Indeed, you ought to know that your body is also filled with everything that your physical body is exposed to.

Ayurveda teachings believe that the universe has five elements – air, space, earth, water, and fire. This is why your body is exposed to various sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of those five elements. However, not all of these are healthy and this is what Ayurveda detox is looking to remove from your system.

Also, this detox is operating on the theory that the health is greatly dependent on the digestive system. This is why this detox works on making your digestive system stronger for better health and longevity.

The Detox

Generally, the Ayurveda detox will work if you do it the right way. Follow these tips to succeed:

  • Undergo the kitchari diet.

It may sound like a complicated diet, but it’s actually just a simple dish of rice, clarified butter, vegetables, and yellow mung dal. This dish is to be consumed for every meal for a whole week. It’s a delicious and filling meal that shouldn’t cause any issues during the week.

  • Avoid snacking on the unhealthy stuff.

Snacking is an enemy of detox. By avoiding unhealthy snacks, you are putting your digestive system on reset mode and losing weight in the process!

  • Hydrate yourself regularly with water and detox tea.

You can flush the toxins out by regularly hydrating yourself. In addition to drinking room-temperature water throughout the day, drink detox tea in the morning too. Avoid caffeine and cold drinks.

  • Massage yourself daily using warm massage oil.

Warm oil massage has a calming effect, which is very important in the Ayurveda detox. Massaging yourself also prepares your body so it can flush out the toxins in your body.

  • Take 2 triphala tablets (or ½ teaspoon of triphala powder) before going to bed.

This can help encourage healthy bowel movements which are important to ensure healthy digestion. As a bonus, it can help rejuvenates the tissues , and help to shape your body types.

Post-Detox Instructions

After detox, you should feel lighter and more energized. Don’t make the mistake of going back to your previous diet immediately thereafter.

Slowly incorporate your old diet back into the body, starting with the lighter foods. Gradually add on the heavier foods like dairy and meat. You will start enjoying the benefits of this cleanse. Feel free to incorporate any of the detox elements into your daily lifestyle.