People who are dominant in Ayurveda Pitta are known for having that “fire” in them and it shows in how they move, how they act, and how they think.

Personalities in dominant Pittas are recognized for their intensity and are ambitious people who generally tend to take on a leadership position. However, not everyone has a dominant Pitta body type.

You will first need to determine your Ayurvedic body type. There are a few ways of doing this. For starters, you can take an Ayurveda test. This will require that you answer some questions regarding your body and health status. At the end of the test, you will know if you are a dominant Ayurveda Kapha, Vata or Pitta. The Ayurveda definition focuses on achieving balance in your body.

Known Characteristics Of The Pitta

A person with a dominant Pitta body type can possess these characteristics:

  • Medium-built physique.
  • Assertive, self-confident, and entrepreneurial.
  • Usually fine or straight hair.
  • Can eat just about anything but get irritated if you have to miss or wait for a meal.
  • Easily exhausted by the heat.
  • Strong appetite.
  • Also have a strong sexual appetite.
  • Likes to spend money and be surrounded with beautiful objects.
  • Energetic.

Pittas are also more likely to have these emotional characteristics:

  • You are an intellect.
  • You can concentrate even in the most distracting of environments.
  • A good decision-maker. You can easily see the pros and cons of every decision.
  • You are a good teacher.
  • You can easily speak in front of a crowd and capture their attention.
  • You would make a good public speaker, with a penchant for sharp, sarcastic, and cutting speech.
  • Prone to temper tantrums, impatience, and anger.

What Happens To An Imbalanced Pitta?

Changes in your mental state such as irritability, anger, impatience, judgment, criticism, and jealousy are all associated with increasing Pitta and will often be one of your first signs that something is amiss.

Excess Pitta in the mind can also cause a tendency toward perfectionism, or a general feeling of dissatisfaction or agitation.

If the excess Pitta is allowed to accumulate unchecked, it will lead to severe anger, rage, hostility, intense jealousy, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and even depression.

How To Get Back The Fire

Needless to say, you want to avoid these things from happening if you’re a Pitta. This is why you need to achieve balance. You can start by making stable choices on how you rest, eat, and exercise. Make sure you get an equal amount of rest and activity. At the same time, rest in between activities. Don’t skip meals and eat at regular intervals.

You should also work on your emotional issues. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Do remember to laugh as much as you can! Avoid conflicts. Lastly, you should hone the virtues of honesty, morality, kindness, generosity, and self-control.