Are you scheduled to undergo Reiki treatment? You might be feeling a little anxious about this. This might be because you are unaware of what to expect. You have concerns because you’re unsure if it is going to work. Reiki meditation is commonly practiced during healing, but what else do you need to know? This article will prepare you for Reiki healing.

The Meditation Process

Most Reiki practitioners meditate for best results. You are also encouraged to meditate so you can prepare yourself for the treatment. You can easily meditate during your day to day schedule, for instance, while in the shower, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes and so on.

Before The Treatment

In a typical treatment, you will be asked to lie down on a massage table, but treatments can be given while you are seated or even standing. You are not expected to take off your clothes, although you might be asked to remove your shoes. You also might be requested to remove or loosen your belt so as not to restrict breathing.

For best results, make sure to wear loose clothing for your Reiki treatment. It is recommended that you wear clothing made of wool, cotton or linen.  You might be asked to remove any jewelry so it is better to leave them at home.

The Reiki Session

A Reiki session is very simple. The practitioner will place his or her hands on or close to your body in a series of hand positions. Depending on the type (Western or Traditional Japanese) of Reiki the practitioner specializes in, he or she will either follow a set pattern for the hand placement or will rely on intuition.

Alternatively, the practitioner may  hover his or her hand over your body without touching. Some practitioners would also tap lightly or even blow on specific areas for the Reiki treatment. These are often done on areas that have open wounds.

Is Touching Appropriate In Reiki?

This is a valid concern since there is body contact involved. Make it a point to choose a trusted Reiki practitioner. Once you find a Reiki teacher or practitioner, it is a good idea to ask any questions or doubts you might have. Be aware about how you feel about their answers and whether you are satisfied with the responses. Listen to your intuition and you will be guided with the right teacher or practitioner.

Is Reiki Painful?

Light touching is employed so there should not be any pain. You might experience some light tapping, but that should not be a source for discomfort. The practitioner’s hands may get warm, but they should not affect you during the process.

What Happens After The Treatment?

What one experiences post-Reiki varies from person to person. However, you should generally feel relaxed. That is one of the first things you will notice after a Reiki treatment. Reiki energy will encourage you to let go of all anxiety, fear, tension or other negative feelings. so a state of peace and well-beingwill be experienced.