Guided imagery is a technique in which an individual uses visualization in order to reach a desired positive outcome. There are many forms of this healing technique used today, but the end goal is always a form of positive change. Guided imagery is categorized in the field of alternative medicine which includes other methods such as meditation, Reiki, acupressure, EFT, reflexology, and chiropractic healing.

When an individual first begins learning about guided imagery the technique may seem confusing, and they may have difficulty learning where to begin. We have compiled this article for you to better understand guided imagery, and how audio can be used along with the techniques to bring about positive change in your life.

If you begin searching the internet for forms of guided imagery audio files there are literally hundreds of thousands of files, and thousands of different instructors. The key is to find an instructor whose teaching style suites your needs, and will help you reach your desired goal while practising guided imagery. The technique of guided imagery can help with numerous health risks ranging from stress and anxiety to even cancer. Modern medicine is beginning to learn daily how this powerful technique of the mind can help to transform one’s body in a positive manner.

Guided imagery audio tapes are ideal for situations where you do not have an instructor to guide you. They will guide you through the various steps of visualization so you can reach the outcome you desire.

Guided imagery generally begins with the individual finding a relaxed and comfortable spot to begin the practice. While calming one’s mind, most find it is easier to focus on one’s breathing with eyes closed. After entering a calming state in which the mind is blank of all thought you will begin to visualize a particular scenery in which you feel happy. This could range from a beach-like setting to even a sporting event. Anything to help the user drift into a state of happiness is generally used in these type of guided imagery audio tapes. Usually an instructor will guide you through the steps mentioned above to easily allow you to gain the most from the instrumental technique.

While guided imagery is not a cure all for ailments such as stress and anxiety, it is most certainly an effective way of self healing. With the availability of the Internet it is easier for you to find guided imagery audio sites which will assist you in finding the particular therapy for your needs. All it takes is the willingness to participate daily in the technique, and you will be well on your way to living a better life.

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