Reflexology is an old healing method that makes use of pressure points of hands and feet to cure different health issues of the human body. Back pain is one of the medical conditions which can be treated with the help of reflexology. If you are wondering what is reflexology and how it is linked to back pain, then you need to continue reading this article. Reflexology therapy will treat your back problems quite easily. It starts with determining the root cause of your pain, and then proceeds with the proper treatment, which can be either a foot or hand reflexology treatment or both of them.

An individual might suffer from back ache due to an emotional or physical imbalance. However, a qualified reflexologist can certainly help in minimizing the stress and assist that person to get rid of the back pain symptoms.

Back Pain From Muscle Spasm

When you bend down to pick something and get back suddenly, there are chances that you might get muscle spasm. It means that any nerve might catch hold or get stuck, which in turn can cause you severe pain. Such pain will immobilize you for few days or weeks. However, reflexology for back pain will release the spasm and relax your back muscles, and bring the strained nerve back to the normal position.

Back Pain By Emotional Imbalance

These problems are caused by physical strains, which in turn are aggravated by working long hours. Reflexology of back pain relief is much effective to treat back aches which are caused by emotional distress.

Ladies often suffer from back pains, and they can easily try reflexology to get relief from the pain. But, if you are unable to work this out, you can refer to a reflexology chart  or reflexology map for guidance, and which you can get easily from the internet. Also, you also can refer it in order to understand foot pressure points.

Back Pain By Physical Imbalance

These problems arise due to a misalignment in hips or spine and cause you severe pain and stress. Generally, such medical conditions are difficult to manage. Nevertheless, reflexology for back pain will effectively solve all your troubles.

Solution To The Back Pain

The reflexologist or therapist will apply pressure on certain areas of foot which will ease your back discomfort; this is what is known as foot reflexology. The reflex points of foot on the heel will cure lower back muscles, sciatic nerve, and tail bone problems. Reflexology will kill chemicals known as endorphins that trigger the natural pain in the body. Reflexology also improves blood circulation and provides oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and body, resulting in a natural healing of the body system.

This therapy is similar to other traditional and natural treatments that provide zero side effects. It is a solution to your back problems and it also performs the work of stress reliever. Get a pain free and stress free life by experiencing reflexology sessions from a skilled or certified therapist. Till date, many people have gained positive results by going for regular reflexology sessions. If you are still confused with what is reflexology, it is now time to stop reading the article and get practical experience as early as possible.