Reflexology is an interesting and effective system about healing. It may not be easy to understand, but it is simple enough to practice. Reflexology is 100% safe, effective and a completely scientific system.

However, in order to use this therapy, one needs to learn about the reflexology chart. The reason behind it is that you will find much information regarding reflex points through the reflexology map. If the appropriate amount of pressure is applied on the appropriate points, the problem will get cured in a very less amount of time.

Hand Reflexology Chart

For the hand, or specifically, the palm, there are various points on the fingertips that are related to the sinus ailment. In addition, there are also reflex points on the thumb which are related to the brain.

Besides that, there are other reflexology points on the hand, which help to treat different body organs such as ear, eye, stomach, bladder, shoulder, liver, prostate, ovary, pancreas, uterus, penis, intestines, and other parts of the body. If you want to understand this more clearly, you can use a hand reflexology chart with diagrams in it.

Foot Reflexology Chart

The foot reflexology points are similar to that of hand, where the different reflexology points on the toes are related to various problems of eye, brain, neck and ear. Other reflex points on the foot are related to numerous problems which are associated with the nose, liver, lungs, gall bladder, spine, thyroid, bladder, sex organs, kidney, sciatic nerve, intestines, transverse colon, appendix, ascending colon, and other parts of the body.

Knowing More About Different Reflexology Points

One of the best elements of reflexology treatment is that it can be used by both men and women, and of any age, whether they are young or old. People using reflexology would lose nothing, but can gain a lot, that’s for sure.

For the person performing the therapy, there must be a proper understanding of the relationship between hand and foot with rest parts of the body. If in doubt, one can check the chart and see how each area is related to which organ.

In order to use reflexology techniques in the best and effective manner, you need to know more in-depth knowledge and the easy way to do so is using the reflexology chart, a chart which features clear depictions of every body part related to different reflex points.

You can also ask for help or take lessons from a professional massage therapist before practicing the technique on yourself or any other person. If you want to get more knowledge about the reflexology points and methods, you can refer to manuals and online videos on reflexology. They will provide you a complete understanding of the entire concept using figures, diagrams and charts. Also, it also shows the relation between the pressure points and diseases, and explains the steps for curing them.

However, if you still don’t understand or you are confused, it is better to put a halt and seek help from an expert. Otherwise, even a light pressure on any wrong reflex point would prove a threat to the person on whom the practice is being done.

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