Even though EFT has become a recent phenomenon, a lot of people still feel skeptical about it. They develop doubts in their mind even after reading so much about EFT, and often come up with the same question – What is EFT?

Well, EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an amalgamation of ancient therapy and modern day psychology, which has been proven as an effective therapy to get rid of negative thoughts or emotions. Negative emotions refer to emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, grief, low esteem or low confidence. Thus, we also have EFT for fear, EFT for panic, and etc.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is used to boost the self confidence of a person to make him/her feel good about himself/herself, and happy about everything. Low self esteem is actually a behavior developed during the course of time. Every child is born with the positive feelings and self-appreciating feature, but the hardships of life makes one inferior and change one’s perspective of life.

EFT for self esteem helps such people to accept their shortcoming and work on their improvement. In this way, it helps remove negative emotions of the past life for a happy future.

Meridian tapping works on the emotional pressures and beliefs, and points out the achievements in life. This therapy helps to trap and overcome the negativity of the mind, and trains your mind to move in the positive direction. Indeed, there is no reason to live a life with low self confidence. This is the reason why EFT Therapy must be learned by everyone.

Building Your Self Growth

Whatever you speak about yourself gets registered in your subconscious mind or deep inside your brain, which affects your thoughts and feelings. Though it is impossible to live a life devoid of any bad experiences, keeping those thoughts in mind will make you inferior in your social circle.

Tapping for self worth is important for an individual, as it will help you present a positive side of your personality to others.

Life encompasses sufferings, and everyone goes through criticism at one stage in time. This is the point when you should use tapping for self improvement.

EFT tapping is a useful way to develop your life. If the right tools are used, you can bury all your negative feelings and make your life much happier. There are basically two options in life – be right or be happy. If you want to be right, you need to carry all your feelings throughout life; on the other hand, if you want to be happy, just forget everything about your past life and use EFT to start feeling happy.

 EFT for self esteem is:

  • An extremely effective therapy.
  • The easiest way to learn and put in use. Just after a couple of sessions, you will experience a reduction in your physical and emotional symptoms.
  • Healing method is cost effective and doesn’t waste time.
  • It will remove negative and old patterns, and will re-establish a brand new slate using your achievements and plus points.

Importantly, it is a tapping therapy to program your nervous system and establish a new attitude to overcome your fears!