It would not be wrong to say that EFT tapping points can be best described as a blend of current day psychology and olden Chinese medicine. The concept of EFT is based on the fact that negative emotions and emotional trauma affect our mental state as well as our health in many ways. In fact, the negative emotions can also cause or increase physical pain in our body. And, it holds true in the case of addictions as well.

About Tapping Points

The main prime of interest for EFT tapping is that the reason behind all kinds of negative emotions is a disturbance in the energy system of our body. These negative emotions generally start with an event or incident in our life that was upsetting or traumatic. These incidents tend to disrupt the energy inside our body. Moreover, most of us are not even sure or aware of the reason that caused the disruption. Fortunately, this disruption of energy can be fixed with the help of tapping.

Yes, EFT can effectively fix the disruptions by tapping on the different energy points on our body. To start, the energy points are located along the meridians, and therefore, they are also sometimes referred as the Meridian points.

In simple words, the tapping points or meridians are energy channels that run within our bodies, and they carry Chi, or energy. This is the reason why the Chinese medicine culture is so closely related to the meridians as well as the flow of energy, and which also explains the inception of acupuncture. Interestingly, the same energy points on our body are used for EFT therapy. However, no needles are required for it.

The Tapping technique involves the stimulation of the energy points without the use of needles, as mentioned. Instead, the tip of our fingers is used for tapping on the energy points. Through tapping, the energy points are stimulated to trigger psychological reversal rectification in order to deal with the emotional issues, addictions, emotional trauma, phobia, limiting core beliefs, and other sorts of negative emotions that may be preventing us from creating a successful life.

These changes mostly happen at the subconscious level. Different points of tapping cause different reactions in our energy system, and it affects each of us differently.

So, every tapping point on our body has certain significance, and if tapped correctly, the results can be quite satisfactory and positive for sure. It can help us get rid from phobias, addiction, low self esteem, and even unwanted weight! So, this is the reason why it is so important to get the proper idea or learning about the different tapping points that exist in our body. Now, let us take a look at the different energy points on our body where we can tap.

Different Tapping Points And Their Significance

As mentioned, tapping on different energy points show different results. For this reason, we need to include the specific points in our therapy to get quick and desired results. Take a look below:

Hand Point (Small Intestine meridian)

It comprises of just the Karate Chop Point, which is located on the wrist, amid the bottom of the pinky finger and on the fleshy region of the non-dominant hand. This is the reason why it is referred as “karate chop” style. Tapping on this point helps release sorrow, worry, vulnerable feelings, obsession, the inability to let go of something, compulsive behavior, and grief.

Tapping Points on Head, Face and Body

  • Top of Head Point (Hundred Meeting Point meridian) – It is located right at the top of our head. This point was added to the list few years ago during an EFT conference. Since several meridian tapping points meet at this region, therefore it is one of the most crucial energy centers. In fact, if we stimulate this area then it can “wake up” the complete energy system and push the mind & body to focus on what we need to address. Tapping on this point helps release the inner critic, lack of focus, and clogged up thinking. In addition, it also improves intuition, wisdom, clarity, spiritual discernment, and spiritual connection.
  • Eyebrow Point (Bladder meridian) – Located at the starting of the eyebrow, particularly on the dominant side, this tapping point can help release sadness, frustration, restlessness, impatience, hurt, and trauma. Plus, it allows for emotional healing and peace.
  • Side of Eye Point (Gall Bladder meridian) – This energy point is situated at the last part of the eyebrow, particularly on the dominant side. If we tap on this point, it can help us do away with anger, rage, fear of change, resentment, muddled thinking, etc. It also improves compassion and clarity.
  • Under Eye Point (Stomach meridian) – The stomach meridian is located right beneath the pupil that is on the bone under the eye. Tapping on this energy point can help us get relief from fear, worry, anxiety, disappointment, emptiness, and nervousness. Moreover, it encourages calmness, contentment, and feeling of being safe.
  • Under Nose Point (Governing meridian) – We can find this meridian tapping point beneath the nose that is in the small crevice right above our upper lip. If we want to do away with shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear of failure, powerlessness, fear of ridicule, grief and psychological reversals, then tapping on this point can be helpful. Plus, it also allows for compassion, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance.
  • Chin Point (Central meridian) – You can locate this point just under the lower lip; to be more specific, in the depression amid the chin and the lip. Tapping on this point can help us get respite from uncertainty, embarrassment, shame, second guessing and confusion. At the same time, it can also fill us with more confidence, certainty and clarity.
  • Collar Bone Point (Kidney meridian) – Located just under the knob of our collarbone, tapping on this point can release feeling stuck, worry, indecision, general stress and psychological reversal. Furthermore, it allows for confidence and clarity, and helps us move forward.
  • Underarm Point (Spleen meridian) – This point is just 6 inches below the armpit. We can tap away guilt, worry, hopelessness, low self esteem, and obsession through this point.

So, those are the EFT Tapping Points we need to know and the significance behind. Sounds interesting so far? Well, look out for more here!