Reflexology therapy is one of many holistic approaches to maintain balance in the body, and to activate the ability of the body to heal in a natural way. In simple words, it works in a way to bring back the body in the harmonic state.

Reflexology practices basically categorize the body in different reflex zones that is covered all over the body. The human body is divided into 10 zones, five zones on one side, and other five on other. Each zone is connected by pressure points that are on the back side of the feet. For instance, for the brain, its pressure points are on your feet, and this is connected to the reflex points of your toes. To get a clear idea of the foot reflexology, you can check out the foot reflexology chart.

How Does Foot Reflexology Work?

Reflexology massage is essentially used to get rid of pain, stress and tension. Stress is a big contributing factor in worsening major health issues of an individual, and if this issue is not dealt properly, it accumulates some kind of blockage in the energy flow of your body.

Foot reflexology works in a unique way to remove the obstructions and relieve the energy blockage. Foot reflexology will help the body to maintain its equilibrium level, and it also places the body in an ideal state so that it can tackle minor and major health problems. Besides stress relief, foot massage also improves blood circulation, reduces pain, releases toxins, and provides a relaxed state to your mind and body.

What Happens In The Working Of Foot Reflexology?

Usually, a normal reflexology session takes around 45 to 60 minutes. However the time period depends on the package you select. The pricing also depends on various factors, but the normal charges would be around $30 per hour. The therapist will focus more on the feet, so you may wish to go for hand reflexology if you like.

Make sure that you do not experience any pain in the massage session. If you have any existing injury or pain, make sure you clear it with the therapists. Unlike other techniques, this therapy will not make use of any tools, rather only a touch of fingertips to provide various health benefits of reflexology. Massaging, rubbing and applying pressure on certain points on the foot will provide an escape from numerous health issues. In certain cases, a reflexology machine may be used.

A lot of diseases can be cured by this therapy, for instance, sinusitis, heart diseases, epilepsy, appendicitis, bronchitis, deafness, asthma, bladder problems, goiter, strokes, infections, pneumonia, diabetes and other serious health troubles.

Is Foot Reflexology Safe?

As already stated, no tools are used to perform reflexology. In addition to this, no medication is required. This is a 100% natural treatment which results in zero side effects. However, one should make sure that no meals are taken before an hour of the therapy. After the massage, be sure to drink plenty of water.

At the end of the day, foot reflexology is one of the best relaxing treatments given to an individual!