The art of reflexology is an important technique that not only helps the person relax from head to toe but also helps in dealing with a number of problems. Foot reflexology is an important art that have been practiced since ages. It is one of the easiest techniques because it does not require you to go to a physician for help, but which you can just try to do it with your partner.

However before indulging in such activity, you must know the reflex points of the foot. It becomes highly important to know these points when you are treating a particular organ. A reflexology map can help you through this.

Know The Basics

First of all, it is important to understand what is reflexology?

It is an ancient art in which various points in the foot are pressed and massaged in such a way that it gives rest to the organ corresponding to it. However these points are sometimes very difficult to know and understand. If you are also facing with a similar problem, then a reflexology foot chart will definitely be of great help to you in order to find foot pressure points. Such maps are available at physicians or you can also easily get it from the internet.

In the ancient art, it was believed that the foot leads to almost all the organs within the human body. This fact has been analyzed scientifically and as a result, a reflexology chart for foot was created. In additional, some people also use reflexology for back pain.

Reading The Map

It is very easy to get this chart and you can even download it for free from the internet, but it is very difficult to read it. There are detailed as well as summary charts available. A summary chart will only give an overview of the important points while a detailed chart on the other hand will contain a detailed description of each and every point on the foot that leads to an important organ. If you too are interested in understanding the foot reflexology map, then here is a quick and easy way to get a grip of some of them.

First of all try to understand what kind of map you are holding. There are basically two type of reflexology map available in this field. One is the Chinese one which is based on acupuncture and the other one is the reiterative map. Once you know the kind of chart you are holding, you can easily proceed further. The chart usually contains an image of foot and the various sections are pointed by the organs that they affect. Once you have the chart, try to compare it with your own foot and locate the points. It is important to remember that these points must be specific and should not be treated to any general area.

It becomes very hard to locate the interior points in the reflexology map. Thus, try to get a clear map so that you can locate points from almost all the areas. If you are looking for a specific point, try to get the exact location to obtain best results.