Reiki meditation plays an important tool in calming and centring the body, mind, and soul. But first, what is Reiki? Reiki is a healing and relaxation technique that aims to reduce stress in the body to facilitate healing. In this article, we learn the essentials about Reiki meditation.

The Historical Role Of Meditation

The founder of Reiki healing, Mikao Usui, used meditation when teaching Reiki healing to students. In fact, meditation meetings were conducted weekly where Reiki was given and used to scan the body to give an energy diagnosis. These meditation meetings were conducted to facilitate Reiki energy.

Why was meditating important to Usui? That’s because meditation played a vital role in developing this Reiki healing system while he was undergoing a training course.

Meditation And The Treatment Itself

Reiki treatment plays an important role in the many traditional forms of healing and therapy. There are many different methods of performing the art of meditation. When Usui developed his Reiki system, there are three practices, one of which is known as Gassh? (meaning ‘ two hands joined together’). This is where the practitioner puts himself or herself in a meditative state before proceeding with Reiki healing.

Reiki meditation is encouraged to be practiced by all, including the recipient. The ideal time to practice Reiki meditation is early in the morning, when your mind is fresh after a night’s sleep. Slow and deep breathing is encouraged in order to fully center the auras during the Reiki meditation.

Meditation Instruction

You don’t need to schedule an appointment with a Reiki Master to meditate. You can do it at home by yourself. You just need to set aside a few minutes each day to meditate. Make sure to set some time when you can have total silence. This is why most practitioners rise early and use this time for meditation.

You can practice Gassh? meditation at home. Gassh? means “two hands placed together”. You must be attuned to Reiki energy in order to successfully practice this technique. Place your two palms together in front of the chest and close your eyes. Breathe in the Reiki energy through your nose and exhale it through your whole being. Do this twice each day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

Breathe deeply. Let the energy flow. Sit in silence as you meditate. Visualize the Reiki energy flowing through every cell in your body. Feel it flowing out around you.  As you continue breathing, feel it flowing into the room and the place you are in, filling it with Reiki energy.

In doing so, this promotes a calming of the mind, a centring of the heart, a deeper focus inward, and a stronger connection to the Reiki energy. Reiki practitioners usually teach this technique to Reiki students for them to meditate once a day for five to fifteen minutes to focus on the Reiki energy.

The 5-Day Process

Practice this Reiki meditation technique listed above for 5 straight days. You should feel relaxed and calm after practice. Start by meditating for five minutes and gradually increase the duration with each day.