Reiki symbols play an important part in the journey of Reiki practitioners. Many Reiki Masters consider the Reiki symbols holy and insist that, based on the old Reiki tradition, to be kept secret. A practitioner needs to memorize these symbols so they can spread the benefits of Reiki to recipients. These symbols were originally available to those who are initiated at Reiki Level 2. Today the symbols have been described in various books and are freely available on the Internet.

The Reiki Symbols

Reiki Masters used to guard these symbols fiercely. They are an important part in the history of Reiki and they’re considered to be holy. While you can find details about them online, you have no use for these symbols if they are not passed on to you by a Reiki Master, and a Master Teacher will only pass on the symbols to you once you have completed the required training.

These Reiki symbols can be used for healing and protection. Reiki is the practice of passing on energy with the use of the hands to facilitate healing. Practicing Reiki starts with the first degree of training. However, you have to move up to the second degree in order to study these symbols that can help strengthen your energies and improve as a practitioner. Reiki symbols are Sanskrit-derived Japanese forms. Sanskrit is believed by few to the mother-tongue of most European languages. It is the language of the Vedas, one of the oldest writings known to man.

There are a total of four symbols in Usui Reiki. Three of these symbols are taught in Reiki Level 2 and one at Reiki Level 3. There are also other symbols used which some people are claimed to be valualble too, although they are not a part of the Usui teachings.

You can treat symbols as keys or buttons. This is because they can unlock or open your higher powers. In fact, the effects are instantaneous. Just to give you an idea, a symbol can help you treat other people even if they’re not in the same location as you. This is called “distance healing”. From this example alone, you can safely assume that these symbols can help you do things that you didn’t know were possible.

Common Reiki Symbols

These are the symbols that are given during attunement. Again, these symbols are considered sacred in the Reiki tradition and are believed that they should be only given to students who will use them properly. Here are five of these symbols and what they stand for:

  • Cho-Ku-Rei or The Power Symbol

This is the first symbol you learn when you receive Level 2 attunement in Usui Reiki. It is known as the power symbol and is used when extra healing is needed in certain areas.

This is used in two ways. Its main purpose is to increase power, but it can also be used to decrease power. Simply put, it can be used to regulate the ki energies.

  • Sei-Hei-Ki or The Mental/Emotional Symbol

Also known as the Harmony Reiki Symbol, this is for mental or emotional healing. This is one of the best Reiki symbols for helping people during times when they need to calm their mind. This symbol removes bad energies and vibrations. It also facilitates emotional and mental healing.

One of the best benefits of this symbol is it can help kick out the negative energies out of a patient. It also helps patients who are battling addictions.

  • Hon-Sha -Ze-Sho-Nen or The Distance Symbol

Talk about a mouthful! This is a symbol that allows you to preform healing from a distance. Also known as the Connection Reiki Symbol, the distance symbol allows you to become one with the person you heal, allowing you to heal on a personal scale. This explains its intention of oneness.

  • Dai Ko Myo or The Master Symbol

The Master Reiki Symbol or Dai Ko Myo is one of the most powerful Reiki symbols. This symbol is all about enlightenment. It also empowers practitioners and patients. It encourages the healing of the soul. This is why it is the perfect representation of Reiki as a system.

The Master Symbol helps to provide enlightenment and peace. The symbol can be activated by visualizing.

  • Raku or Fire Serpent

This is one of the most recognizable Reiki symbols taking the shape of a lightning strike. It is believed to symbolize a strike of lightening from the heavens, and is representative of life force energy that runs down to the spine, through our chakras. It is used for grounding the receiver once an attunement to Reiki has been passed. This is why this is given at the final stage of the attunement.

It is always best to allow Reiki to remove any negative energy that is sitting in the body, instead of taking the task on yourself.

Learning these Symbols

Reiki symbols are not as mysterious as they might seem. They have actually been created from words in the Japanese language. Their names can easily be found in a Japanese to English dictionary. A few symbols vary from this somewhat. While the names of the Power and Mental/Emotional symbols are in Japanese, the symbols themselves are a combination of Sanskrit and Japanese. It is a practice of Japanese Buddhists’ to sometimes combine ancient Sanskrit with Japanese in their sacred works, and symbols so the way some symbols are drawn may have been influenced by this practice. The distance healing and Master symbols are completely Japanese, both in their names and in the way they are drawn, and all the characters can be found in a Japanese to English dictionary.

The Reiki symbols provide a way to connect to the higher power. Their use does not require us to meditate or have years of spiritual practice.