Along with many things in life it is important to have a plan of action to achieve your goals and aspirations. Many times forms of stress and anxiety block our self esteem and creative process, and when this happens we need to take steps to heal ourselves of these negative emotions. One of the most popular forms of self-healing in alternative medicine is known as Guided Imagery. So what exactly is guided imagery for self healing, and how can it help to improve one’s life?

The more you learn and begin to practice guided imagery for self healing  the quicker you are able to benefit from this powerful technique. Many therapists use guided imagery with their clients on a daily basis, but you do not have to pay anyone to learn this helpful process. You can become your own coach, teach and practice guided imagery at any time. As with most techniques,  when you begin to use guided imagery more and more you will become increasingly better at the technique, and therefore start gaining more positive results in life.

So how does one go about using Guided Imagery For Self Healing?

1. You should get into a state that is comfortable and relaxing to you, as this is the most important step in both guided imagery and all forms of meditation. The more relaxed you are the better as this will allow for proper oxygen flow to the brain. Allow all of your tension and nervousness to drift away from you by starting at one end of your body and working to the other until all tension is relieved. Remember to check out the scripts that might be helpful to help you achieve the state easier. At this point, congratulations as you have begun guided imagery!

2. Gradually bring the mind to a relaxed and calm state. Without your mind becoming still and quiet you will not be able to properly perform the guided imagery technique. Be sure to slowly clear your present thoughts away.

3. Begin to focus on your breathing. The easiest way to do this is to take long breaths in which you focus all aspects of your mind on them. The more you do this the better you will get, and the end result is better mind control.

4. Gain control of the mind and body through meditation. Allow yourself to go further and further into a tranquil state in which it will become increasingly easier to perform our guided imagery exercises.

5. You are now at the final step and you can begin to perform guided imagery. During this step you will want to bring images into the mind that are stress- free and will allow you to reach a state of bliss. Bring situations to mind that you are currently working on, and focus on perfecting them so that when you are confronted with in real life with these situations, you will react calmly and positively  creating a helpful reaction. The more you practice these forms of imagery the better you will get. We recommend starting with peaceful scenes as these will be easier to control, and allow for positive self healing.

Rinse and repeat any time you feel the need to practice guided imagery for self healing through guided meditation, and you will eventually become a master of mind.