As we progress with our day, our lives become increasingly cluttered, and quite often the end result of this clutter is stress. As forms of alternative medicine begin to increasingly rise in the Western world we are learning new ways to deal with stress aside from medications. One of the newest forms of relaxation techniques to help deal with stress is known as guided imagery.

What exactly is guided imagery? Guided imagery is a technique in which the individual guides their mind to a desired place or visual field. Using various techniques and suggestions using imagery and role playing the individual can place himself in a situation via his imagination. Depending on what the individual does in this visualization will determine the outcome of the relaxation technique at hand.

Guided imagery comprises of music, spoken phrases and words, and sound effects that allows the mind to enter a state of relaxation and concentration. These tools known as guided imagery will allow the user to reach a desired response to the stimuli at hand. Guided imagery is able to create a big range of relaxation techniques when used properly, and this can help the user with nearly every aspect of their everyday lives.

While at an early age in life as a child we are sub- consciously forming images in our mind. Although in certain instances, we are not able to go back to some of these periods of time as they remain engrained in our psyche. Sometimes individuals who suffer from a rough or stressful childhood can benefit from relaxation techniques brought on by guided imagery.

Guided imagery relaxation techniques can be brought about in various forms. Many individuals seek help from therapists who are skilled in the ways of alternative medicine, and these therapists frequently use guided imagery to help their patients during their counselling sessions. One example of using guided imagery to reduce stress and bring on relaxation would be to ask the user to breathe slowly and clearly rid their mind of all thought. After a few minutes have passed and the user is in a lucid state, the therapist will ask them to enter into the guided imagery stage. During this stage them have them picture themselves on scenarios such as a beach in which the sun is shining bright overhead, kids are flying kites in the distance, the ocean tide creates a peaceful sound, and the temperature is absolutely perfect. By allowing the user to go into this peaceful state of mind you are allowing them to practice a very helpful relaxation technique.

The aforementioned example is only one of an infinite number of scenes which a user can imagine to bring themselves into a peaceful and stress free state of mind. Practising steps such as this on a daily basis will allow the individual to become increasingly familiar with the alternative medicine technique of guided imagery.

Another option for guided imagery is to find a guided imagery audio clip. These audio clips are often put together by professionals, and offer a selected choice of scenery for the individuals imagination. Guided scripts are paths to healing the users subconscious, and helps them to realize the unlimited amount of potential they have through their imagination. Often times stress and anxiety can take a toll on a person’s self esteem, and through guided imagery relaxation techniques, one can find the best versions of themselves once again.

So what exactly happens during these relaxation techniques? An instructor, video tape, audio tape, or written script can help you to bring your imagination to its fullest potential. It will also help you to fully engage your senses in order to receive the most from the exercise. Other things that can definitely be positive to the surroundings are pleasant scents, a place the user is familiar with, a pretty outdoor scene, beautiful sounds, and perhaps images pleasing to the mind. Generally after walking through a guided imagery script as a relaxation technique the individual will feel an increased relief of stress, and be able to use their senses in a much more heightened form.

In guided imagery audio programs there are absolutely no subliminal messages, and all things recorded are completely safe to the mind. There is generally a simple and easy to comprehend presentation that will allow the user to drift to a comfortable state of mind in which they will practice using guided imagery. Guided imagery is practiced differently by each person, and there is a wide variety of audio scripts from numerous instructors. It is important that you give each of them a chance, and browse around until you find the best one that caters to you with your relaxation techniques.

Many times the best audio is simply calming instrumental music which allows the user to fill the guided imagery landscape with scenery derived from his or her imagination. The key is to practice daily, and over time you will begin to see your abilities grow. One common phrase is “use it or lose it” , and this can easily be applied to one’s mind. The more you practice guided imagery relaxation techniques the more well rounded and peaceful your life will become.

As medical practitioners become more and more educated on the field of alternative medicine we will see a major increase in its use. Not only can guided imagery help improve one’s positive attitude and imagination, but it has also been known to cure health ailments such as cancer and diseases. The power of the human mind is truly amazing, and much of our physical health is directed from the mind itself. Guided imagery is one amazing tool that can help improve all aspects of health in one’s life when used properly.

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