For quite some time now guided imagery has been used as a tool to help the body fight quite a number of health issues. Not only does it assist in warding off negative aspects of health, but guided imagery is able to help with the programming of a user’s subconscious mind to allow for all around health benefits which include healing of one’s self. One of the simplest ways to begin your guided imagery regiment is to browse the internet for guided imagery scripts. These scripts are generally wrote beforehand, or a recorded walk-through that allows the user to be guided through a visualization in order to achieve a positive outcome. These forms of guided visualizations are often written by the top experts in alternative medicine and therapy, and enables the user to relieve stress and anxiety in a professional way.

The ideal function of a guided imagery script is to walk the user through a peaceful way to enter a stress free environment. The images we place into our sub-conscious mind directly effects our emotions and ways we go about living our everyday lives. The imagination has a dire affect on manifesting many things into reality. There are many guided imagery scripts available in both audio and written form on the internet that one can find, or you can even go about creating your own script by following the steps below:

Figure out what the desired goal of your guided imagery script will be. If you are determined to work out a stressful relationship at work then your desired outcome should be a clarity of mind to deal with the particular individual and situation at hand. If your wish is to be more financially independent then your desired outcome may be to become more productive and creative in ways of thinking towards your goal.

Begin to write down or record your guided imagery script with an audio recorder. This is the easiest way to conduct the script, and allows for easier editing over time as trying to create it using one’s memory can be exhausting at times.

Phase A : The relaxation step: During this step of your script you will want to do some breathing exercises in order to calm your body. This allows your body to reach a state where imagination comes easily.

Phase B: The imagination step: During this step you will focus on living inside the outcome you plan to achieve. For our above example of accomplishing a positive relationship at work imagine yourself in this place, working things out in a successful manner with the individual at hand.

Phase C: The duplication phase: During this step of your guided imagery script you will want to reinforce the idea that you can accomplish this goal. Tell yourself that you can accomplish this, and that the problem at hand was only a minor setback.

Record and edit your guided imagery script. This is pretty self explanatory as you will want to record your script on paper or with a recorder in order to edit it until the final product is done.

Listen to the guided imagery script you have created and make sure it caters to your needs. If you have created a proper script it will allow you to easily drift into a creative relaxed state in which you can imagine your desired outcome, therefore making it easier to put into action in your everyday life

Guided imagery scripts are a great way for someone to achieve clarity and positive outcomes in a wide variety of situations!