Similar to foot reflexology, there is also a similar ancient therapy known as hand reflexology which aims to provide relaxation to the complete body and the weak organs by massaging on certain specific points of vital importance. It has been scientifically proven that hand reflexology benefits include ensure the well being of the complete body. The art of reflexology is based on the fact that there are certain points on the palm as well as on the back of your hand which when pressed provide relaxation to the corresponding organ. This helps in the natural healing of many of your organs.

Hand Reflexology Chart

The health benefits of hand reflexology are seen only when you do it correctly. One of the most important facts about hand reflexology is that you don’t need to go to a physician for getting it done.

Instead you can just ask your partner to do the same for you. However before indulging yourself in hand reflexology, you must know the organs that you wish to heal and their corresponding points. To know about these points, you must refer to the hand reflexology chart which contains a detailed description of the points as well as the organs related to them. A reflexology chart provides great help to the people who have just started practicing it, understand healing hand reflexology, and all about reflexology techniques.

Major Hand Reflexology Benefits In Health

To many people, their big question may be about the concept of hand reflexology, but the bigger question ought to be the health benefits that are involved in it!

There are massive benefits of hand reflexology and one of the major one is that it has no side effects. The therapy is completely natural and if you don’t realize any benefits coming in then you don’t have to suffer from any side effects also. Moreover, hand reflexology is a completely natural therapy which you can do at your home and at your own convenience. This means that you don’t have to spend extra money or time visiting a physician for the reflexology treatment.

People have been practicing it for a long time and have realized some of the biggest advantages of hand reflexology. It has helped millions of people heal their organs. A person who is involved in hand reflexology always has a lower level of stress in his body. When the overall stress of the body is reduced, the body will definitely heal and all the organs will start functioning properly. Indeed, reflexology heals many organs and makes them strong enough to deal with the tensions that one faces in daily life.

For people who have a weak heart and have suffered strokes, hand reflexology is like a boon. They can do it on their own and gradually their heart will become strong enough to deal with the stresses of life. Even if you are not looking forward to any kind of healing, you can just do it on your own to relieve your stress and anxiety as you do in meditation. It will relax your body and make you feel less tired.