Reflexology therapy is a component of ancient medical treatments practised in Egypt and China. The concept is based on a principle of reflex pressure points that are in our hands and feet. These points are directly connected to various parts and internal organs of the entire human body. Though many people think that reflexology is only about foot therapy, they often overlook its cousin, hand reflexology techniques, which is considered to be an effective and simple-to-understand therapy.

The reflexology techniques principle states that every organ of our body has a nerve ending which ends in the palms and soles of hands and feet. The nerve points and the linked organ have been figured out by professional therapists, and divided into different pressure points termed as zones. In order to understand the concept clearly, you need to look at the hand reflexology chart. Any abnormal pain can be reduced with the healing hand reflexology techniques that are mentioned in this article.

Techniques For Hand Reflexology

There are certain basic techniques which can be learnt through the reflexology map to understand the concept and cure the pain of an individual. The most basic one is to concentrate at the pressure points properly.

The techniques are creeping, pressing, rotating, pressure, pulling and squeezing. These are easy-to-perform hand reflexology tips. Remember to start with the right hand, and after completing the sequence, to continue with the left.

  • Creeping: Twist your thumb downwards, and gently press the even portion of the thumb on the area to be massaged. Make sure you are not digging your nail into the skin. Creeping is one of the simple techniques for hand reflexology, which is similar to a caterpillar’s slow and systematic movement. Every time you are lifting the thumb, go a little forward and continue the same process.
  • Pressing: Use the tips of your thumb and start stimulating the pressure point of your other hand. You can make use of a reflexology chart to figure out the pressure points. Keep on pressing gently until you feel comfortable with the therapy. Continue in circular motions for a couple of minutes each day.
  • Rotating: This technique can be used for kidney and other glands too. To work on the kidney, just find the fleshy portion between the first finger and thumb. It can be also used for sensory organs such as the eyes and ears. For the eyes, the reflex lying halfway on first finger can be pressed and rotated; and for ear reflex, go down to the base of middle finger. To begin, just place your thumb on the said reflex points and press in small circles; apply pressure before flipping the thumb.
  • Pressure: This is one of the easiest hand reflexology tips. Remember not to press too hard to cause pain. Every reflex point should be treated twice, each in different directions.
  • Pulling: Use the outside portion of index finger and thumb pad to hold your fingers. Pull them tenderly. Make sure every finger is pulled without causing any pain, and do it a couple of times daily.
  • Squeezing: After pulling, twist and squeeze each finger smoothly, from bottom to tip of the finger.

All these are simple hand reflexology tips and hand reflexology benefits which can be used by you and me, without any help from reflexologists!