Reflexology is an ancient art much older than most of the other sciences, and much more vast than most of us would like to believe. It is a technique that not only cures, but also heals us from within. As part of the Chinese traditional medicine, it is slowly making its way into the world of modern medicine.

Hand reflexology is an avid and important part of reflexology. It is believed that there exist certain healing hand reflexology points that are pressurized in order to relieve pain and cause us to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. There are immense hand reflexology benefits and most of them are found to be curative in nature. Many people have undergone such treatment claims to be cured of diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

How Scientific Is Reflexology?

If we were to answer this question, we would say that it is quite scientific. These points that we use are basically preset according to a reflexology chart that means that there is basically a map for hand reflexology that decides the position of these points for us. There can be a little variation but in essence, the location of these points stays almost the same. It is necessary for the therapist to have a thorough knowledge of these points in order to treat patients better.

By pressurizing or stressing these points, we make it possible for the untapped energy in our body to circulate freely. These hand reflexology points are numerous and differ according to conditions. The hand reflexology chart will help locate the points on the client’s hands, and the therapist uses his thumb to stress and pressurize these points based on the condition of the client.

The Benefits Of Hand Reflexology

There are many hand reflexology benefits that most of the people do not even know about. When this particular technique is used, many people report not just the benefit in their pre-existing condition but also in their overall health.

In hand reflexology, the critical factor is the map, which lists the points to be stressed to produce particular benefits to be availed. This reflexology map can let even the layman use the various reflexology techniques to reproduce the pain-relieving maneuver to help ease even the severest of pain forms.

Different points exist for almost all the conditions, and most of these techniques can be safely done by the client at his or her home. However, real care needs to be taken when doing these maneuvers at home unsupervised.

The fact that there is no side effect whatsoever makes it much more likely for the people to try it for their pain. In addition, hand reflexology has been found to be very relaxing in nature.

When done by a professional reflexologist, these maneuvers produce much more than just pain relief and relaxation – they can permanently cure you of your sufferings. Therefore, make sure you try it at least once to realize the difference it could make in your life!