Many people are now becoming more and more interested on what facial acupressure has to offer. What is known is the general benefits of acupressure, like it can help you sleep better and get rid of some body pains. It is also known that there are pressure points all over the body that you have to press to enjoy its effects. Now that there is the fact that there is such a thing as acupressure on the face, people want to know more about it.

What is this Type of Acupressure?

Just as the term implies, facial acupressure is a type of Chinese acupressure that is done on the face. Yes, there are also pressure points in your face and putting pressure on them can benefit you as well.What exactly are the benefits of facial acupressure? There are several, but generally speaking, it can help give you better skin. In addition, you can receive healthier and glowing skin. This means that a healthy (and healthy-looking) skin is literally just within reach.

How to proceed with this Treatment

You will need to know the right pressure points to press in your face to get these results. Also, know how to apply pressure on them. Follow a Acupressure chart and these three techniques that you yourself can do in the comfort of your own home:

  • Apply pressure on your forehead using your middle finger.

This technique can help smooth frown lines across your forehead. As a bonus, it can also help you get rid of stress and headaches, which stops you from frowning.

Use your middle finger to apply pressure in the center of your forehead. Apply pressure for three seconds at a time for a total of three sets. To improve the effects of this facial acupressure technique, work your middle finger down until you reach the spot right in between your eyebrows.

  • Apply pressure on your upper lip using your index finger.

If you are looking to reduce the visibility of age spots around your lips, this is a good technique to practice. You can improve the appearance of creases and fine lines around your lips by applying pressure on the upper lip right below the nose. Use your index finger to apply pressure three seconds at a time for a total of three sets. Make sure to inhale and exhale properly while doing the technique.

  • Apply pressure on your inner eyes using your index fingers.

This facial acupressure technique can help reduce the visibility of the dreaded “crow’s feet” around your eyes. It can also help prevent it. Use your index fingers to apply pressure on your nose’s bridge right below the inner eyes. Do this for five seconds at a time for a total of three sets.

As an added benefit, this technique can help relax your eyes so that they will stop squinting. It can also help prevent the formation of dark circles underneath your eyes.

Try these Techniques Today

These are very easy techniques and the benefits will prove to be worth your effort. Try facial acupressure today and see and feel the results for yourself!