This is perhaps one of the most famous proverbs – ‘it is never too late’, and this applies to those who are looking for a career change or want to find some meaning in what they do. Healthcare is one such field that has inspired people all over the world to become a part of it in some way or the other.

Reflexology is an ancient science that is currently in vogue for its lack of side effects and reflexology’s benefits. For the deserving candidate, it can be a fulfilling choice as a career. You can use reflexology to cure your body, for example some people use reflexology for pain relief, and some use reflexology for pregnancy even.

How To Become A Reflexologist?

How to become a reflexologist? There are many ways in which you can obtain your reflexology training.

  • One way is to go for a certificate course, which may last for six months and may in the end yield you a certificate. This makes you eligible for further reflexology training or practicing under a reflexologist. There are many divisions of this science, like hand reflexology that effectively takes care of all the pain and induces relaxation like never before. It is very important to realize that being a part of the healthcare system you have to be responsible enough to treat patients with sympathy and care.
  • Another way to go about this profession is to get a diploma (one year), which also makes you eligible to become a reflexologist. After this training, it is easy to start your own practice or go for further specialization. The part of your curriculum will include a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, the reflexology map and other charts. These are necessary to understand and master so that you can easily eliminate the pain in your client’s body. Reflexologist training is not at all an easy feat and you have to be serious about your future, to be a part of this field.
  • You can also go for a degree course that raises your credibility and may take two years to complete. During this time your maps and charts are your best friends like the reflexology foot chart, being one of the many.
  • You can also opt for a hands-on course, from an accredited institution, that must offer at least 110 hours of total study time. You have the option of taking a course on your own, or additionally you may be allowed to opt for a private teacher. Once this course is completed, you can take the licensing exam of your respective state board and get a license.
  • There are certain countries and states that may want you to have a prior degree in massage therapy, for which you may have to take an independent course. Therefore another route would be, after you do your massage therapy course, you could then go for a certification in reflexology. As simple as that!

What Is The Scope Of A Reflexologist?

If you want to undertake reflexology training and are still unsure because you lack the knowledge of how the scope of the profession is, rest assured! It is highly likely that once you have been accredited by your state or country council, you can take up your own practice or join a nature cure centre. Reflexology charts play a very vital role, in helping you treat patients better. This makes you become a good practitioner in your field. This in turn, will help you cure more and more patients thus helping you rise on the ladder of fame and self-satisfaction!