Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice and in these times, it has become one of the most sought after natural remedies for pains and anxiety.

It is a proven fact that reflexology works wonders to stimulate growth all over the body, as it heals us from within and balances the raw energy found inside all of us. When we talk about reflexology for pregnancy, we must mention the importance of abiding by the reflexology chart, which tells a practitioner which points need to be pressurized to balance out the physical state of the client. There is an added importance of reflexology points of pregnancy, considering that there is not only the mother, but also the unborn child, that we need to care for. Reflexology’s benefit also including reflexology for pain relief, in order to do that, you need to learn how to become a reflexologist first.

Can Reflexology Be Used In Pregnancy?

People have repeatedly questioned the authenticity and safety of reflexology to be used in pregnancy. It is a relatively known fact that reflexology is a natural treatment technique in which pressure is used on certain reflexology points to correct imbalances and stress. It is commonly seen that people with chronic pains, for example foot pain, either use a foot massage machine, or neglect their foot pain. Reflexology points in pregnancy have additional meaning, considering the fact that there are two lives, or more, at stake.

Reflexology is not just for the pregnancy part, but if used for labor pains, it can ease the process of delivery of the baby. This is a completely safe process, no matter how advanced a pregnancy you have, even in the last trimester!

For pregnant women, or those who are looking to enter parenthood, reflexology can help increase the chances of conception also. It is commonly seen that after women come looking for reflexology for pregnancy, they end up feeling totally rejuvenated and many problems that they were suffering from are cured together with the others.

Benefits Of Reflexology In Pregnancy

Simply put, reflexology produces an all-encompassing effect that helps strengthen your body and immunity, and get rid of a variety of problems.

The reflexology map plays a special role here, in generating awareness of the pressure points that can be stressed to induce pain relief and relaxation in the general population. The treatment can be carried out in many phases such as the early phases of pregnancy, and even when labor begins.

For pregnant women who keep having the recurring bouts of heel pain, due to weight gain and long standing hours, reflexology socks are meant for their use and comfort. These socks have special engraved projections that stress the required reflexology points on the sole of the client’s foot.

Thus, no matter what sort of a pregnancy-related problem you have, these solutions, abiding to the reflexology charts of the ancient traditional Chinese medicine system, help reduce pain and induce relaxation to prepare you for the resplendent days of motherhood, and shower you with bliss!