A Reiki practitioner will tell you that Reiki healing does not take the place of medication. While it is true that Reiki patients end up healthier with an improved sense well-being, Reiki is not designed to treat specific illnesses. However, crystals are used during Reiki healing will help with the healing process. These Reiki stones are gaining fast in popularity. This is why you’re probably wondering if it can help with the healing process.

The Purpose Of Reiki Crystals

According to practitioners and patients, these reiki crystals can help with the healing process when used in a Reiki treatment. In addition, benefits of Reiki also included balance the energy within the body. There are seven major Chakras in your body and there are stones or crystals that suit best to each of these Chakras.

Seven Major Chakras And Their Recommended Crystals

  • Root (Located at the base of the spine)

The first chakra is focused on stability, physical energy, and security. It’s recommended that you use crystals like black tourmaline, red zincite and hematite.

  • Sacral

Sacral is focused on creativity, healing, and emotions. You can use colors that are orange or blue-green. Related stones include orange calcite, citrine, or carnelian.

  • Solar Plexus

This chakra focuses on intellect and ambition. The Solar Plexus Chakra can benefit from crystals that are yellow in color. Crystals such as jasper, sunstone, citrine, yellow calcite and golden topaz are recommended.

  • Heart

Stones that are pink has a subtle and gentle way of pushing things towards a resolution. Some good colors the stones you can use are emerald, malachite, rose quartz, jade and green calcite.

  • Throat

For throat Chakra, associated with communication, light blue crystal stones works best.

  • Third Eye

Indigo-colored stones relate to this Chakra. The qualities of this chakra include perception, understanding and intuition, with a deep sense of peace and connection.

  • Crown

Use amber, diamond, cactus quartz, chevron, amethyst or snow quartz. This chakra color is violet or golden white. Enlightenment, energy, and perfection are some qualities associated with this stone.

You can also go for quartz crystal if you want to target all seven major chakras. Practitioners can use the stones it opens and activates the crown chakra.

Maintenance Of The Crystals

The crystals require maintenance. Sometimes a crystal you are strongly drawn to doesn’t feel good. They have to be meticulously cleaned regularly. In addition to cleansing them to remove physical dirt, you also need to cleanse them to remove the unwanted energies from the past and to restore their clarity.

Cleansing a crystal is simple. You have a few options to clean the stones namely, sea salt, incense, sun, and water. Place the Reiki crystal in a container for a whole day. You can also place them under running water for about 60 seconds and then under the sun until they are dry.