Evolved back in ancient days, especially in Chinese land, acupressure treatment promotes the concept of wellness, relaxation, and treating diseases as well. Also known as pressure acupuncture, it’s the method that relies on no needles unlike acupuncture. Acupressure therapy is a form of old Chinese medicine that describes special acu-points, which are led along channels and meridians in human body.

How Does It Work?

Practitioners use their feet, elbows, palms, or fingers to apply pressure to acupressure points on body’s channels. Sometimes, it involves special devices, massage, stretching, etc. The practitioner presses on those points, applying some massage or any other treatment and the whole session lasts for an hour or so.

The main aim of the Acupressure technique is to balance and restore the health to body’s meridians of energy and monitor opposing faces of positive energy (yang) and negative energy (yin). It does not only treat body, energy fields, but also spirit, emotions, and mind according to the ancient believers of acupressure.

They attribute many results like stimulation of endorphins, enhanced circulation, minimized muscle tension to acupressure therapy, and it basically works like a natural pain/stress reliever.

Treats Nausea and Arthritis

The best part of acupressure treatment is that it can be offered to anyone; nausea is often connected to spinal anesthesia, post-chemotherapy, post-surgery, motion sickness, and pregnancy and it has been proved that acupressure treats this pretty well. Practitioners usually apply pressure on finger points or wrist that treats nausea immediately. This treatment also produces endorphins (due to its anti-inflammatory effect) that cure medical conditions like arthritis.

Induces Labor Pain

Those looking for normal delivery can make use of acupressure therapy to induce labor pain; it also offers many other benefits that a pregnant woman would indeed want. It eases morning or evening sickness, relieves back pain, and also induces labor pain! But, if you’re pregnant and still going for this treatment, it’s suggested to contact your gynecologist to avoid premature delivery or unwanted labor pains.

Weight Loss

The acu-points are connected to the hunger system of the brain and when stimulated by fingertip or massaged, it reduces the urge to eat. The pressure point between upper lip and nose could lower appetite and hence before taking heavy meal, apply pressure or massage that point for about 10 to 20 seconds to reduce appetite.

Chinese Beauty Care Treatments

This therapy is also used in beauty care treatment in Chinese tradition as it increases blood circulation, and enhances muscle tone. It improves connective tissue or tones facial muscle, enhancing skin condition. Simple finger pressure along with facial exercise can relax the muscles and improve your look. It also weakens the appearance of wrinkles, without the need to opt for surgery or drugs.


People with health problems, like cancer, heart ailments, or arthritis must consult their doctor before taking up this treatment. Though it’s safe, it is recommended to seek approval to avoid minor or major problems down the line. Acupressure machine should be avoided in case of spinal injury, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancerous tumor in the spot that is to be treated.

In short, it heals emotional pain, improves appearance for prettier skin, and gives an overall healthy body.