Do you know what is your Ayurvedic body type?

By taking an Ayruveda test, you’ll probably answer questions about your Ayurveda body types and lifestyle habits. Maybe you have a thin build. Or a medium build. Or you may even have a stocky build. However, this isn’t what you should solely focus on if you are looking to being healthier by achieving balance.

When it comes to your health, how can taking this quiz contribute to your betterment?

Well, you get to identify your Ayurvedic constitution, which refers to your genetically inherited emotional and physical qualities. For example, just because you’re thin doesn’t mean that you are healthy. Just because you are stocky doesn’t mean you need to take an Ayurveda detox. You need much more detailed and specific information than just thin, medium or stocky!

The Body Types

These body types, also known as doshas, are derived from the five elements of the universe. To be specific, these elements are air, fire, water, space and earth. There are three Ayurvedic body types, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. They’re also known as airy, fiery and earthy respectively. By taking a Ayurveda dosha quiz, you will know your specific Ayurvedic body type.

Benefits Of Knowing The Body Type

Once this information is known, recommendations will be given as to the foods that you should eat, exercises that you should do, and lifestyle changes that you should make.

These recommendations are very specific to your body type and lifestyle. You should follow the diet and lifestyle routine that fits your mind/body constitution.

Getting To Know Your Specific Body Type

To find out your Ayurvedic body type, you have to answer health-related questions to know your body type. If you see an Ayurvedic specialist, he or she will also conduct a physical exam. At the end of the quiz and/or physical exam, you can determine your body type.

The quiz should be simple enough to answer. However, this is not to say that you can just rush through them. Make sure that you carefully answer all the questions to get an accurate result. Sure, you could not take the quiz seriously if you want to, but why do that? You will just get inaccurate results and recommendations that is unlikely to help you.

If you are unable to go see a specialist, you can find your Ayurvedic body type right now by taking the online quiz. You just need to take it from a trusted website that specializes in providing information about Ayurveda, doshas and related subjects. The questions are simple and you can finish them in any time you please.

Post-Quiz Instruction

Now that you know your Ayurvedic body type, it’s time for you to use that information to improve your health. Go to a specialist with the information to get recommendations or follow the recommendations provided by the website where you took the quiz from.