What is your Ayurveda body type? Are you an Ayurveda pitta? Or are you dominantly Vata? If you are not sure, you should take an Ayurveda test. You can take this test online with the help of a website that specializes in Ayurveda. The Ayurveda definition focuses on achieving balance in your body.

Alternatively, you can also make an appointment with an Ayurvedic specialist. A specialist will diagnose your Ayurvedic body type and advise you on the changes to make in yourself. It’s important you know your precise body type as balance can only be achieved that way. After all, you won’t be balanced if you’re going to make changes to your lifestyle the wrong way.

This article is about one the 3 body types – the Ayurveda Vata.

What Is This Dosha?

Basically, Ayurveda is based on the principles of three doshas. Doshas are the energies that make up every individual, which perform different physiological functions in the body.

Known Characteristics Of The Vata

If you are predominantly Vata, you are known for the following physical characteristics:

  • You tend to be tall in height.
  • You are a fast walker.
  • Quick to learn things and grasp new knowledge.
  • Commonly have disjointed, racing thoughts.
  • You generally have dry hair and skin.
  • You have cold feet and hands.
  • You are a light sleeper.
  • You don’t perspire much.

There are also emotional characteristics that a dominant Ayurveda Vata is known for. If your body type is predominantly Vata, look out for these characteristics:

  • You are constantly craving and looking for excitement.
  • You are always game for something new to try.
  • You are full of energy.
  • You are very creative.
  • You are flexible and can easily adjust to circumstances.
  • You are easy to have a conversation with.
  • You take the first initiative to do things.

Of course, these characteristics of an Ayurveda Vata will only apply if the person is balanced.

What Happens When There Is An Imbalance?

Why should you achieve to be balanced in Ayurveda? Well, it’s to follow your mind/body constitution for good health.

For starters, if you are predominantly Vata, you should include more cooked, warm foods, stay away from icy drinks, and add more warming flavors like cloves, ginger, and cinnamon to your food. This will prevent any digestive issues that a Vata would typically succumb to, as well as, anxiety, insomnia, or dry skin.

Achieving Balance

Practice the following habits that come with having a predominantly Vata body type:

  • Go to sleep before 10 am and wake up before 6 am.
  • Eat your meals regularly at regular timing.
  • Always keep yourself warm. Avoid exposing yourself to the cold.
  • Massage yourself every day.
  • Do more of light exercises. Focus on exercises that can improve your flexibility and balance.
  • Drink ginger tea regularly.

There are other tips that can help you achieve balance as an Ayurveda Vata.

Consult an Ayurvedic specialist or look online to take the Ayurveda questionnaire to get more recommendations regarding your body type.