EFT is the short form of Emotional Freedom Technique.  At times, people even refer to this technique as tapping. With the passage of time, this technique has evolved into one of the most popular ways to deal with stress, trauma, anxiety and many more emotional problems that one faces. This technique even allows you to fight against fear, depression, anger, and panic attacks, which usually affect the physical state of the body causing joint stiffness, back pain, neck pain, ME and IBS.  Moreover, EFT is quite easy to learn, and here you are going to find the right way for EFT training.

Get Books: Learn EFT From Reliable Books

There are many books that are available in the market which will help you in your learning process. Some books are just manuals, which can allow you to get familiar with the EFT techniques by following the instructions. So far, this is the simplest way that can turn you into an EFT expert.  The peculiar part about EFT books and manuals is that they are not all the same; some manuals can be different from others, as the EFT solution found in these books might vary too.

But there are two prime disadvantages of EFT books. The first one is that books would not provide any practical examples of EFT therapy, and for this reason they are more suitable for a novice or beginner. Hence, if you want to get advanced knowledge of EFT, then books may affect your ability towards learning the techniques of emotional freedom. Then, the second disadvantage is that, when you don’t know the right process, you may start thinking that EFT is an unworthy process, and that it does not work. Rather, if EFT is not working on you, then try to look over the book again, and try to find out the mistakes you are committing while doing this technique.

Go for Online Videos: YouTube

Another source where you can learn about EFT, without any complication, is YouTube. Here, you can find many videos that portray the tapping solution, and how easy can it be. Many people even love these videos because they could follow the EFT session, step by step along with the video. However, the prime issue that might come up here is that, even though YouTube is an exceptional way to learn EFT, it is not the most effective one. This is because some people consider learning EFT through YouTube videos as akin to mimicking what you see, without any foundational knowledge about it. Hence, because of this reason, the EFT therapy might or may not work on you. However, if you are able to use EFT solution properly then it can be life changing.

Learn From DVDs And Workshops

These two areas are likely the best sources for EFT training. Though DVDs are the same as YouTube, they provide the added advantage of workshops so that you can truly learn EFT at extreme ease. The workshops always follow the right way when it comes to teach EFT. This is done by familiarizing you with the basics about the techniques first, and then delving deeper into the subject.

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