So perhaps you overheard a group of co-workers at your workplace discussing meditation, and you are wondering to yourself how to do meditation so that it could help improve your daily life. It’s important to note that meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by individuals of all races, creeds, and nationalities. However, in the past it has been extremely popular in eastern cultures and is making its way into western civilization rapidly. Alternative medicine is beginning to learn more and more about the question of “what is meditation”, and how it can help individuals in all forms of their daily lives.

The traditional form of meditation involves a variety of functions ranging from posture to breathing techniques. You will generally want to find a place of comfort in which you will not be interrupted. After you have found your quiet spot you should position your posture so that your back is straight, and your legs are crossed proportionately. You will now want to place your palms together in front of your body. While closing your eyes, begin to focus on your breathes while slowly easing them to a comfortable speed. Try to block out all other thoughts and focus solely on your breath. As you continue this function you will begin to answer the question, “What is meditation?”.

If you completed the above exercise properly you will notice while focusing on your breath for an extended period of time you entered a state of still thought. No thoughts were going through your mind, and you were completely at peace with simply sitting calmly as time passed by at breakneck speed. If this form of meditation did not work well for you, and you had a hard time keeping concentration do not worry. Meditation can take months to years to absolutely conquer for even those who have great concentration.

How about Guided meditation, and what other forms of meditation can I practice? If you do not like the traditional forms of meditation as much perhaps you will like guided or visual meditation even better. These forms of meditation involve actively using the mind to visualize positive results or scenery in order to reduce stress and anxiety. Often times you will find guided meditation audio discs on-line in which an instructor will explain what is meditation to you. They will walk you through the beginners meditation steps, like the environment, posture, breathing, visualizations, and mindset you should seek to achieve.

What is meditation and are there forms of meditation that involve exercise?

If you have ever asked the above question the answer is quite simply yes. Yoga is a form of meditation which involves stretching the body in exercise techniques. These techniques are extremely calming to the mind, and at the same time help to get the individuals body fit and healthy. The overall answer to what is meditation is simple. Meditation is a wide variety of techniques that in the end allow the user to balance their body and mind to achieve positive results!