What is EFT therapy and how does it help in losing weight? How to get the perfect shape with EFT?

This one question is often asked by obese or overweight people who have tried almost everything to lose the extra weight, and unfortunately failed to achieve success with every assuring method which they have attempted.

After going through various treatments, these people develop the idea that all these systems are designed just to scam them of their hard-earned money. These experiences definitely mar their hopes about losing weight. Fortunately, EFT tapping and its technique will bring a positive change by helping you to lose weight in an easy way. With tapping for weight loss, you can experience good change in your life, not only focus on how to use EFT for confidence.

Faster EFT – What Is It?

Faster EFT is a multi-functional program; the term multi-functional means different elements are incorporated from various strategies in order to implement fresh techniques which are effective than other methods.

There are 3 elements of weight loss EFT – traditional EFT, BSFF or Be Set Free Fast, and NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The NLP element uses self affirmation statements that will help in re-programming of brain to eliminate emotional patterns and negative thoughts. BSFF uses a direct method to deal with emotional and behavior troubles; this weight loss technique is not time consuming like other conventional methods. Lastly, the traditional EFT is a tapping technique applied on the meridian points to balance your energy. All these particular elements are effective enough to improve your condition, and promote weight loss in your body.

Weight Loss EFT

Everyone knows that obesity cannot be treated as a disease. However, there are exceptions for metabolic causes for weight gain, while other cases of overweight can be due to bad food habits and psychological or emotional problems. Some obese people also suffer from depression and low self-esteem. Hence, they do not tend to control their weight successfully. Faster EFT is such a weight loss EFT method that targets the problem areas and understands the root cause.

Firstly, the EFT trainer conducts an interview and evaluation, and creates positive statements which can target the weak points of the overweight client. The statements either focus on the food habits, or on the past experiences or feelings. After repeating the phrases, the trainer will tap at the meridian points. This will remove the hindrance in the energy flow throughout the body. To be more specific, EFT therapy will rejuvenate the mind and body, which in turn will help the client to lose weight more easily. In additional, we also using EFT to quit smoking.

Benefits Of EFT Weight Loss

It has been proven from time to time that tapping is quite beneficial for losing weight. Let us have a look at the two major advantages of weight loss EFT:

First of all, it reduces immediate cravings. Yes, practicing EFT for just a couple of minutes before taking meal will eliminate your food cravings, and practicing it regularly will help you in weight reduction.

Secondly, it reduces overeating emotionally. You can alleviate or do away with your past emotions with EFT, thereby concentrating more on what you are eating and doing in life; it helps in boosting confidence too.

Try these methods of tapping for weight loss and experience immediate and permanent help to your problems. You’ll be glad you take up tapping!