Stress has become almost an epidemic in our society. And this one problem has been discovered to be the root cause of many diseases, such as heart related conditions, aging, body pain, uneven heart rate and a lot more. And the sad part is that the stress reliving techniques which we have been using from ages, such as yoga, meditation, running and exercising does not bring the immediate changes that you are looking for. Moreover, it is not always possible for everyone to perform yoga or meditation right before an important meeting, interview, or sports activity to get relief from the stress. And here is where EFT therapy, or Emotional Freedom Technique, finds its place. EFT stress management therapy is a blend of the Western psychotherapy, and the Eastern Acupressure. This therapy, also known as tapping, has been known to reduce the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone present in our body. When a person is suffering from stress for more than a month or for years, then the level of cortisol increases drastically in his or her body, and this leads to various kinds of health related issues.  Using EFT therapy is quite simple, as one does not have to arrange a session or purchase any type of equipments. For this reason, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

How EFT Stress Management Would Work On Your Stress

Depending upon the EFT practitioner, the EFT stress management is planned. Most of the times, those who have higher level of cortisol from the beginning are recommended to have EFT stress relief technique on regular basis. However, for those who are not adversely affected by stress, they can use this technique as a stress buster. Some people go for tapping technique on their “karate hand” and followed by the eyebrow region, then to the third eye region, under the eye, under the nose near the upper lip, below the mouth, at the ridge of the lower lip and finally on the chin. People even prefer tapping near the collarbone and on the hands too.

What Does The Research Say About EFT As A Cure For Stress?

A lot of experts believe that EFT is one of the best mediums for curing stress. And this is the reason why the tapping technique has earned worldwide recognition as one the best ways to learn and do away with stress. Most importantly, EFT shows positive results just within a few minutes. According to the research conducted by Dawson Church, tapping is quite an exceptional method, as the signals are instantly received by the mid-brain. These signals control the release of cortisol inside the brain, which helps us to have a stress free life. The EFT therapy is a commendable therapy for anyone who is affected with stress, and you should definitely give it a try. This therapy allows you to have a smoother life by giving you the reward of being free from stress anytime you want. So get started as early as possible by gaining more information through EFT manuals, DVD’s, and YouTube videos too.