EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an assortment of powerful processes that help individuals to gain relief from negative emotions experienced in the past, which in turn are causing problems in the present life.

EFT tapping points have been developed as an advancement in the subject of psychology. Till date, thousands of individuals have used the tapping technique and won over different problems of life. These kinds of techniques are essentially gaining popularity and are also being regarded as a miracle, due to the fact that it resolves emotional troubles, and also helps to reduce physical problems. Some people recognize EFT tapping as another technique called Meridian tapping. This therapy starts showing results in a few minutes, and gives long lasting aid to people, with no negative side effects, some people will use EFT for anxiety too.

Usually, therapists explain the meaning of tapping points to their clients before using the therapy on them. The major significance of tapping points for EFT is associated with the energy system of a human. The human body needs to consume food to generate energy. In order for energy to move throughout the body, another complex system of electrical impulses is required. When these systems are disturbed, the resulting disorder becomes a root cause for numerous problems.

Improper balance in the energy system is responsible for anger, phobia, guilt, grief, anxiety, depression and many other kinds of fears. Besides emotional disturbances, there can be physical symptoms such as asthma, pain, tensions and headaches. As a form of effective solution, tapping meridian points all over the body will give you immediate relief with long lasting results too.

Importance Of EFT Tapping

  • Flexible technique: The versatility of the process makes it quite popular. After mastering of the tapping process, it becomes easy to use it anytime and anywhere. You can win emotional challenges with this method. For example, you may be feeling nervous due to an impending interview; the solution is to just sit in a corner and do some tapping.
  • Holistic approach: If you are thinking what is tapping as a whole, or how it is helpful to our entire body, here is an answer. This technique addresses the root cause of the problem, and not just helps you alleviate the symptoms, and EFT for pain have the same result also. Whether you are going through a spiritual problem, or mental disturbance, it will clear all obstacles and make your life smooth. This is how everything is related to tapping points meaning.
  • “Emo-free” method, and risk-free too: In 1995, Gary Craig came up with EFT and gave it a term as emo-free. According to him, there are zero side effects of the method as he is using the method for a long time. Generally, the method involves tapping on the face as well as the upper part of the body at short intervals.
  • Partial and total relief: Tapping helps people to get immediate relief from negative thinking, self doubt, anger, phobia, frustration, anxiety as well as stress.

Try to invest about 10 to 20 minutes each day on meridian tapping, and get rid of all kinds of emotional and physical problems. You can even help your friends and family members with EFT tapping, and share your experiences.