Foot pain – this can be attributed to repeated motion, sitting/standing for a longer time, or due to misalignment in knee or hip. Besides taking medical help, one can also get relief by working on the foot pressure points through acupressure or commonly known as reflexology. Acupressure is a Chinese traditional technique which was designed to stimulate pressure points on feet so that it manipulates the energy of your body, and also relieves pain. But there is no use of needles in reflexology; rather, therapists make use of their fingers only.

The process of foot reflexology releases endorphins, which in turn reduces pain. One can stimulate pressure points by his or her fingertips. You can also seek help from your friend to massage for you; you will experience a relaxing time as your severe pain is being alleviated.

Importance Of Foot Reflexology Points

Talking about the significance of different pressure points on the foot, here are some of the information you would find useful:

  • All the toes on our foot represents the head and the neck, which includes – teeth, sinus, top of head, eyes, ears, and several glands
  • The ball of the foot that is the area just under the toes represents the chest area, which includes – lungs, heart, and solar plexus
  • The thinnest part of the foot that looks like a waist represents the stomach, which includes – liver, pancreas, kidney, intestine, spleen, and the small intestine
  • Finally, the bottom of the foot that is the darker skin area represents the pelvic region, which includes – all nerves of the legs

Foot reflexology is one advanced therapy which will cure your chronic foot problems and the stress that is accumulated after an exhaustive day at work. This fact has been analyzed scientifically and as a result, a reflexology chart for foot was created. Foot pressure points in reflexology will help you to get away from feet soreness and arch pain which we can also use reflexology map to do that. There are many tools available in the market, both cheap and expensive, to help in giving you a soothing session. For instance, a Japanese bamboo massager is a simple tool which is made up of bamboo relieves your pain from the feet, and there is also have reflexology for back pain.

Advantages Of Foot Reflexology Points

Besides exfoliation of feet and relaxation, other benefits include:

  • Stress relief
  • A cleared mind
  • Refreshment
  • Improved sleep
  • Toxin removal
  • Improved circulation
  • Physical healing
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduced stiffness

It is absolutely important to keep the feet in a proper condition, as one cannot walk with a damaged or sore foot. Moreover, our feet support the entire body to stabilize it. Therefore everyone should take proper care of their feet by doing away with unwanted activities that may cause strain. You should remember not to apply too much pressure on the legs, which includes – intense running, and excessive weight exercises. To obtain relief, you should regularly perform foot reflexology with the help of the reflexology foot chart.

After gaining complete information on foot reflexology, you can try a few therapies to reduce pain and foot arch in the near future. Be aware and understand everything about the particular treatment you are going through, in relation to the foot pressure points, and make sure it helps you in staying healthy.