People who explore alternative medicine options are likely to come across Ayurveda. Many are interested in what Ayurveda has to offer in improving their health and lives. There has been an increased interest in the teachings of Ayurveda in recent years. Ayurvedic healing states that the characteristic personality of a person, also known as Prakriti, is determined by a mixture of the three energies, or doshas in an individual, namely Pitta, Kapha, and Vata.

But why is it it necessary to take an Ayurveda dosha quiz  in order to determine your dosha? Read on to find out.

Additionally, this guide will include tips to help you take the Ayurveda test confidently and efficiently.

What Are Doshas?

To know how Ayurveda works, you need to know what doshas mean. In Ayurveda teachings, the universe, including our body, is made up of five different elements namely:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Space
  • Air

These five elements are put together in order to come up with the three doshas. Vata is known as airy. Kapha is known as earthy. Pitta is known as fiery.

Why Take The Ayurveda Test?

By taking an Ayurveda test, you will know your mind/body constitution or dosha. Each person has all three Doshas, but usually one or two dominates. By knowing your mind and body constitution, you can make the right changes in your lifestyle to benefit your health and provide balance. Once you determine your current mind/body makeup, you should make these following lifestyle and body changes:

  • Eat the right food.

While eating healthy food in general can be good for your health, you can take it one step further by eating the foods that are perfect for nurturing your health.

  • Follow the right exercise program.

A diet program should be complemented with an exercise program. By knowing your mind/body constitution through an Ayurveda test, you can also determine which exercises can provide you with balance and great health.

  • Know the other elements that you can change in your lifestyle.

While a good diet and exercise program can improve health, there are other changes that you can do in order to get the best health possible. For example, supplements you can take and certain lifestyle habits that you have to stop. Once you know your mind/body constitution, you’ll know the specific elements in your life that you have to change.

The Best Way To Determine Your Dosha

There are trained specialists who can conduct the Ayurveda test for you. This is the best way since it can provide the most accurate result. The specialist will conduct a thorough physical exam and will assess your pulse. Once completed, the specialist will know your body type. While you are there, the specialist will also provide you with recommendations on the foods that you should be eating, exercises that you should do, and changes in your lifestyle that you need to make.

What to Expect In An Ayurveda Test

You can actually take an Ayurveda test now. There are many websites that provide an online quiz you can take to determine your dosha. Here are some examples of typical questions the quiz might ask of you:

  • Describe your skin.

Is it of the dry variety? Do you have sensitive skin? Is your skin prone to acne?

  • What’s your body type?

Do you have a small, medium, or large build?

  • Describe your appetite.

Do you have an irregular appetite? Do you feel cranky if you miss meals? How do you feel after a big meal? Do you feel sluggish?

  • How good is your memory?

Do you consider your memory as good? How about your long-term memory? Can you pick up new things easily? Are you slow to pick new things up? How strong is your long-term memory?

  • How good is your sleep?

This is an important question in the Ayurveda test. Are you a light, normal or heavy sleeper?

  • How do you feel about the weather?

Do you like cold environments, or do you prefer them warm? Do you live in humid areas?

  • Describe your personality.

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Can you describe your personality as more even-tempered? Do you have a short fuse? Honestly answer this question in the Ayurveda test.

  • Describe your bowel movements.

Can you describe your bowel movements as regular or is it irregular? Are your bowels hard or soft, thick or heavy? Observe your bowel movements for a couple of days first before answering this question.

  • What are the most common illnesses with you?

Are you always constipated? Are you anxious and nervous all the time? Do you have insomnia? Are you hypertensive? Do you consider yourself as lethargic?

You have to answer these questions as honestly as possible. This is the only way for the quiz to give you the most accurate results. Consulting with a specialist can provide you with the best results and recommendations, but you can also take them online.

Where To Take An Ayurveda Test

Many websites are offering their own version of the Ayurveda test. You should be careful when choosing a reputable website. A website that specializes in Ayurveda would be a more accurate source with detailed and thorough questions.

What Happens After Taking The Quiz?

An Ayurveda website should have recommendations for you on the foods to take, exercises to do, and changes to make in your lifestyle. Follow the recommendations and be the healthiest you can.

If you have more questions from the quiz, schedule an appointment with a specialist. You can let your specialist know that you have already taken the online quiz, but he or she should conduct an additional Ayurveda test. It may or may not match the results of the online quiz, but it should be a good comparison. Take note to follow the lifestyle recommendations put forth by the specialist.