We all need instant relief from physical pain, isn’t it?

Most of us keep some sort of medicine and pain ointments handy, so that we can use them whenever pain or soreness starts bothering us. But, how about getting instant relief from the pain in just few minutes, without taking any meds or applying any ointment? And, that too through our fingertips!

Yes, we can get instant relief from pain or tapping for anxiety by using EFT Therapy. For those who do not know, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a therapy that involves stimulating the energy points of our body, so as to channel the flow of positive energy within our body. And it is done by tapping on the meridian points using our fingertips. But, the question is – How do you tap away pain with EFT?

This article will focus on EFT for pain relief and how to do it.

EFT For Pain – The Basics

The tapping solution for pain relief involves fingertip tapping on specific energy points on our body. Generally, the whole therapy can be divided into two components. The first part is tapping on particular locations of our body. The second part is the positive assertions that are uttered while tapping. Simply put, the aim of tapping is to arouse the meridian points present in our body, and utilize their energy channels to restore the energy balance of our body. Basically, the pain we feel is actually a kind of energy imbalance caused by several reasons.

Tapping should be performed gently, and not forcibly. We have to always remember that the aim is to just arouse the energy points to heal our body, and not to injure it. During the therapy, we need to tap each point at least 6 to 8 times. Before beginning EFT for pain therapy, it is crucial to know about the different EFT tapping points and their channels along the body. In addition, EFT tapping points usually better to use just the index as well as the middle finger to tap on the energy points. Though one hand is sufficient to perform the therapy, using both hands as well as all fingers can provide us access to several acupuncture points at the same time.

How To Do It

Once you have gained information about the different tapping points, we can start the procedure.

First, we need to tap on the top of our head. When tapping, we need to utter something positive, such as “This pain will go away soon”. Then we should move to the start of our eyebrow, and tap for 7 to 8 times. We have to repeat the phrase throughout the tapping therapy. Then, it should be followed by around the eyes – on the sides and below the eye (center), separately. Next, we need to tap under the nose, followed by the chin. Following that, we need to tap on the collarbones and then under the arm (armpits). Finally, we should tap on both the sides of our body.

So, that’s all about EFT therapy for pain relief. As easy as ABC.

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