Reiki classes are being held more frequently with an increasing number of schools offering them. In fact, it’s not unusual for an institution to offer close to 500 classes in a single year! This is understandable considering that the demand is rising for Reiki classes with an increasing number of people being aware of Reiki healing and its benefits.

Course Structure

There are three levels of Reiki training, with the first two levels sometimes combined into one. This is because as a student, you can either stick to the basics or advance to the  Reiki Master level.

What are these three levels of training and what do they consist of? Here are the levels that you are expected to go through in most Reiki classes:

  • First Degree

This is the most basic level and just about anyone interested in learning Reiki and palm healing should take up this level. Students will be taught the basics, including hand placements. The course duration is dependent on the Reiki Master Teacher. Some conduct four sessions spread over a number of days while others hold two sessions over two days.

After completing this level, you are able to heal yourself and others with Reiki.

  • Second Degree

You will have the opportunity to learn the symbols used by Reiki practitioners. These symbols can be used so you can improve the strength and reach of your energies. For example, there are symbols that you can use to temporarily set a connection with another individual no matter where he is so you can send him Reiki energy, known as “distance healing”.

  • Third Degree

This is the class that you’re going to take if you want to be a Reiki Master. What is expected of you as a master? You can practice Reiki and teach all three levels to students. The duration of a master training course can range from a day to a year or more depending on the school and the teaching of the Reiki Master giving the training.Reiki Classes

Do Reiki Online Classes Exist?

While there are online institutions available to train practitioners, a student should opt for face-to-face classes since the attunement process is best done in person. According to Reiki Master teachings, you should be in contact with your energy field of the person being attuned. A distance Reiki attunement is also not always recognized by certain Reiki institutions. Other than that, you should know that Reiki and Christianity can be co-exist.

The Future Of Reiki Classes

More and more federations are being set up to standardize these Reiki classes like the Reiki Council and the UK Reiki Federation, which are both headquartered in the UK. However, classes still follow the teachings of Dr. Usui. Do take note that you should attend classes offered by a trusted institution or from a certified practitioner. Only Reiki Masters are qualified to teach Reiki. Also, you can learn more about the concept and beliefs of usui reiki.