If you have been interested in Ayurveda, you should know that there are different Ayurvedic body types. The success of this holistic healing system is greatly dependent on you knowing what your specific body type is and following the recommended diet, exercises, and lifestyle changes. There are even recommended Ayurveda recipes for you to ensure you’re eating the right Ayurveda foods for your specific body type.

Characteristics Of The Different Ayurveda Types

Ayurveda types is based on the principles of three doshas. Doshas are energies that make up every person, which perform different psychological functions in one’s body.

The three dosha types and their characteristics are:

  • Vata – Known to be very creative. A quick learner, but tends to forget quickly. Fun to be around, but can be moody at times. Also has high energy in short bursts, but gets tired easily.
  • Pitta – Strong and competitive. A pitta has a sharp and focused mind and is intelligent. Pittas have a romantic and passionate side, but they can be very demanding.
  • Kapha – Rlaxed and lives a slow paced of life. A kapha is easy going, relaxed, and affectionate. Kaphas are physically strong with a sturdy build.

Health Tips To Follow

These are health tips for each predominant body type that you can follow in order to enjoy great health and well-being with Ayurveda:

  • Vata
  1. Regular habits should be maintained for Vata types. Eating and sleeping should be at a fixed time for Vata types. Set regular schedules for eating and sleeping.
  2. Rest when needed.
  3. Eat foods that are easy to digest.
  4. Eat foods that are warm, cooked, nourishing, and simple to digest. Examples include small beans, rice, and nuts.
  5. Do moderate exercises. Avoid doing anything that is too strenuous. Some good examples are swimming, walking, yoga and tai-chi.
  6. Stay cool by staying out of the sun.
  7. Avoid spicy and fried foods because of the high heat involved in cooking them.
  8. Limit tobacco products and alcoholic drinks.
  9. Try not to overwork yourself. Take a break if you have been working for a long time.
  10. Eat sweet and juicy fruits and vegetables like cherries, mangoes, and cucumbers.
  11. Emulate the virtues of generosity, self-control, kindness, morality, and honesty.
  • Pitta
  • Kapha
    1. You need to be active on a daily basis as Kapha types are prone to sluggishness, depression and (over)weight problems.
    2. If you feel that depression is kicking in, seek help immediately.
    3. Regularly get out of the house to actively seek something different.
    4. Encourage and welcome change.
    5. Enjoy spicy foods. Eat foods that are light and warm.
    6. Avoid foods that are too oily. Foods with processed sugars should be avoided as well.


You need to know your specific mind/body constitution or dosha before following the above tips.

A thorough online test or questionnaire will show which Ayurveda types you fall under so that you can follow the recommendations for your specific type.