If you have been considering alternative medicine, you would be likely recommended to check out Ayurveda. You might feel apprehensive at first, especially if you have not taken any alternative medicine before. However, it’s important to note that many people have benefited from Ayurveda in their daily lives. Once people are familiar with their Ayurveda body type, they are able to make changes to their lifestyle based on Ayurvedic teaching. You can start by simply taking the Ayurveda dosha quiz.

The Different Ayurveda Body Types

Ayurveda is based on the principles of three energies, known as doshas. Doshas are the energies that make up every individual, which perform different physical and psychological functions in the body.

There are three dosha types:

  • Vata (known as Airy)
  • Pitta (known as Fiery)
  • Kapha (known as Earth)

Each person has all three doshas, but usually one or two of them dominate. These three body types are based on the theory that the universe has five different elements, namely fire, water, earth, air, and space. By taking an Ayurveda dosha quiz, you can know more your specific body/mind type.

The Benefits Of Knowing Your Body/Mind Type

Here is what you can find out about yourself after taking Ayurveda test or quiz:

  • You will know the specific foods you have to eat so you can be at your healthiest.

You are what you eat. By knowing your body type, you get recommendations on what specific foods to eat. This is no guessing game. The quiz will answer what works best for you when it comes to your health.

  • You will  know the right exercises that you have to do.

We all know that exercising can make us healthier. With the Ayurveda quiz, you’ll receive recommendations on the best exercises for you. These exercises are based on your specific body type to benefit your own condition.

  • You can make the right lifestyle changes.

Have you been living an unhealthy lifestyle? Now, what exactly do you need to change? Now you will know what to adjust in your lifestyle from the quiz.

The Format Of The Quiz

Formatted like a typical questionnaire, all you need to do is to simply answer questions to determine your dosha levels. These are very straightforward questions. No preparation is necessary. The quiz includes questions regarding your body build, bowel movement, sleeping pattern, skin type, appetite and more. You’ll be provided with several options for answers and you need to choose the one that applies in your case.

You should be as accurate as you can with your answers when taking the quiz. For example, don’t say that you have regular bowel movements when in fact, you have irregular bowel movements. This is counterproductive. You want to be healthier and you cannot get the accurate recommendations if you are not as accurate as possible with your answers.

Taking The Quiz

An Ayurvedic specialist should be able to perform a test accurately by asking you questions and giving you a physical exam. But you can also take the quiz from a reputable online source. Just remember to strive for accuracy with your answers so that you may receive accurate recommendations.