An acupressure chart is very useful especially if you are looking to apply acupressure on yourself. While it’s true that the best way to get relief is to go to a professionally trained acupressurist, there are instances wherein you are able to practice it on yourself especially for very minor pains and needs.

This practice surely has gone a long way. Gone are the days when it’s referred to as Chinese acupressure as if it is a backward practice. Now, Western medicine is embracing it and many medical centers around the world are practicing it.

What’s the First Step to Doing Self-Acupressure?

The first thing that you need to do is to know the reasons for needing acupressure. What do you need relief for? Are you suffering from insomnia? Are you suffering from constant headaches? Are you looking to lose a few pounds? Do you want to calm yourself to slow down your anxiety attacks?

Why is there a need to answer these questions? It’s because an acupressure chart will show you the points that you need to press to get relief. That’s basically what this chart is. It’s a chart that pinpoints the specific pressure points in your body and it will tell you what benefits you can get from pressing those pressure points.

Download a Chart Today

You can easily download a chart online today. Many websites are offering acupressure charts for free. It’s a good idea to download them so they can serve as a guide when applying acupressure on yourself. This is important because there are several hundreds of different pressure points in your body and only practicing professionals should remember all of them. For now, you can just refer to this acupressure chart so you’ll know what point to press to get the relief that you’re looking for.

Main Pressure Points

While you are not expected to learn all the pressure points in your body, it’s a good idea to know at least the main pressure points. Below are the main pressure points that should be indicated in the acupressure chart:


RParadise Acupressure Chart

Stomach 36
Also known as ST 36, this point is very important that can improve digestion.  By working on this point, you can prevent diabetes. It’s also used to treat arthritis. This point is found below the knee.

Urinary Bladder 40
This is also known as BL 40 and is targeted to help treat lower back pain. You can find this point right behind the knee crease.

Large intestine 11
This is also known as the LI 11. It’s used to improve immunity and combat infections. It can also help ease stiffness of the elbow. This point is found on the other side of the elbow joint right at the end of the crease.

Large intestine 4
Also known as the LI 4, this is an important point in the acupressure chart that you have to know since it’s very versatile and useful in treating pains. It can help relieve body aches and headaches, among other types of body pain. To find this point, press your thumb and first finger together and it should form a bulge in the muscle. The highest point in this elevation is the LI 4. Consult an acupressure chart if you can’t find it.

Heart 7
A healthy heart is one of the keys to healthy living. Also known as the HE 7, working on this point improves the functionality of your heart. This is found on the inner wrist. Look for the depression right beside the pisiform bone.

Liver 3
This is the best pressure point in the acupressure chart for treating hypertension. The LIV 3 is also known for improving diabetes and insomnia. It’s also known to help treat pain felt in the breast area. This point is found in the depression between the first two metatarsal bones in the foot.

Lung 7
Obviously, this is the best pressure point in treating asthma and shortness of breath. The LU 7 is also beneficial for the treatment of migraine. Do a tiger mouth grip. The point where the index finger comes in contact with the hand is the LU 7.

Kidney 1
Especially for the elderly, this is an important point in the acupressure chart that you have to master. The KID 1 point is very important for the elderly as they tend to experience kidney issues at this point of their life. This point is found on the sole of your foot, right in between the second and third toe.

Spleen 6
The SP 6 is another important part in aiding proper digestion. It also improves the production of blood in your body. If you are constantly feeling heavy and tired, this is a good spot to target. This point is found on the lower leg at the inside. Refer to the acupressure chart for the exact location.

Gallbladder 34
Are you in a constant battle against anxiety attacks? Target this point known as GB 34. Working on this point gives you control of the wind that goes up to your head and this wind causes anxiety. In addition to anxiety, this point can also help treat migraine and insomnia. In addition, this is a good spot to target if you’re suffering from gall stones and swelling in the knees caused by arthritis. This is found below the knee on the lateral (pinkie toe) side of the leg.

What to Do Now
Assuming that you already have a chart, it is time for you to check it out so you can familiarize yourself with the different pressure points in the body. Make sure to focus on the points that can help you with the pains that you’re suffering from now. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these points, go ahead and familiarize yourself with the 10 pressure points listed above. Try to apply pressure on these points and note down improvements. Apply pressure for about a minute and experience relief. Just make sure to refer to the acupressure chart so you can be guided accordingly.