The concept of reflexology has gained much importance and popularity in recent days. Still, many wonder what is reflexology and how does it benefit people?

Basically, reflexology is a subject of science that explains about various pressure points on hands and feet which are related to every organ and other body parts.  Stimulation of these points in a proper manner will give numerous reflexology therapy benefits and cure health concerns naturally, just as preventive maintenance does. Pressing on the different points helps in the stimulation of energy, nutrients, nerve impulses, and blood on hands and feet, thereby proving the massage as an effective therapy.

Relax Your Body With Reflexology Treatment Benefits

Many people understand hand reflexology and feet reflexology as a traditional massage therapy for releasing muscle tension and relaxation purpose. They believe that massaging or applying pressure on some points at the hand will cure headache, and so on.

As for foot reflexology, an example is the ankle pressure points, where one may induce labor in pregnant women.

The essential theory of reflexology depends on the reflex areas, that are the hands and feet, which are connected to other glands and organs. For instance:

  • Tips of toes reflect the head region
  • Chest and heart revolves around the ball of your foot
  • Intestines and lower back reflect that  of the area around the heel
  • Kidney, pancreas and liver reflect  the arch of foot

Benefits Of Reflexology

This form of complementary therapy makes use of a holistic approach to treat a person on many aspects, such as the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental level. The major reflexology therapy objectives are not just safe, but are also non invasive and encourages self-healing aspects.

Till date, this therapy has treated many conditions including allergies, back problems, migraines and headaches, PMT, digestive disorders, infertility, arthritis, MS, depression, pregnancy symptoms, tension, cancer, stress and ME.

Expectation Of The Treatment

Usually, people find Chinese foot massage therapy to be more relaxing. A normal session of this therapy takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Clients need to relax in a comfortable chair and give his or her hands and feet to the therapist.

The therapist will first show you the reflexology chart and explain you how the procedure is carried out. Then, he/she will proceed by putting pressure and stretching on your hands and feet. Later, the therapist will lead you into the session proper. However, you need to explain your needs to the therapist while the session is on. In addition, many people do not know that this is a totally dry form of therapy which doesn’t include oils and lotions.

All you need to do throughout the session is sit back, be calm and enjoy what is going on in silence. If you are still confused with what is reflexology and its core concept, don’t get tensed, just enjoy the pleasure of the therapy.