Most individuals would agree with the statement that we live in a world full of stress and anxiety. Many of the experiences we undergo throughout the day have our minds twisted into stressful states, and very rarely do we relax and find peace of mind. If you are feeling this way then it is very possible that you have lost contact with your inner self. However, don’t fear as there is a technique known as mindfulness meditation or mindfulness exercises that can help you regain your inner peace.

Being mindful of something means examining thoughts and feelings as they enter your brain, but not stopping to think about them. In other words letting things flow freely in the state of mind. When you become mindful of a situation, you generally become very appreciative towards others. The Benefits Of Meditation is that you will not take things for granted, and some things you overlooked before will become increasingly important.

Mindfulness meditation is allowing thoughts to pass through your brain freely, but not trying to block out or change those thoughts. As feelings come to you be very observatory with them, and try to decipher what triggered those feelings. General meditation is usually the process of finding a relaxed place, and beginning to focus on ones breath and bring all thoughts to a halt. Mindfulness meditation is in fact the exact opposite, as you are still meditating, but you are meditating on the thoughts at hand.

To begin mindfulness meditation, find a peaceful area in which you feel would be absolutely free of any distractions. A perfect way to begin setting the mood for the meditation is to dim the lights low, light incense or candles, and play some of your favorite music.

As you set in the room or outdoor area of your choice begin to focus on the thoughts that drift into your mind. Acknowledge all of these thoughts and feelings as they pass through, and try your best to analyze them from every angle. Think to yourself why and where that thought may have came from, and then continue this process allowing thoughts and ideas to freely flow like a river through your mind during mindfulness meditation.

It’s important to use the breath to keep a calm focus on things. Focus on how your chest moves in and out as you inhale and exhale, but maintain concentration on the thoughts drifting in and out during the mindfulness meditation. You can even focus thought toward your body starting at your feet and working up towards your head. As you go from bottom up, begin to think about how each area of your body feels. Situate yourself in a more comfortable position if you feel like your body is strained.

There are many ways an individual can perform mindfulness meditation, and as you can see it differs greatly from traditional meditation. You can even learn meditation online however, it generally has the same calming and positive effects in improving one’s life.