EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, has turned out to be an effective way to deal with stress, anxiety, trauma, and other types of negative emotions. Like we know, Tapping Technique is the main aspect of EFT, which involves tapping and stimulating the energy meridian points of our body by using our fingertips. Since this technique does not require any equipment, therefore we can do it whenever and wherever we like. But is it really easy to do away with stress through this technique? Well, it completely depends on how well we do it. In order to do the tapping in the right way and on the right spots, we must learn the technique properly. So, the basic question is – how to learn emotional freedom techniquetherapy? Through this article, we will focus on some of the key aspects of EFT Training.

About EFT Tapping Training

It would not be wrong to say that emotional freedom technique tapping is for everybody, which not only includes trainers and therapists, but teachers, coaches, students, and sportspersons as well. In fact, people in their 70s or 80s can also practice EFT. Age is not an issue in this case, and we do not have to be a therapist or a health professional to join an EFT training course. Training courses on EFT or workshops on EFT are open to everyone. For this reason, we should not hesitate or feel afraid of joining a workshop on EFT.

In today’s world, more and more numbers of people are showing their interest in EFT training. Thanks to the explosion of internet technology, the digital universe has been highly powerful in spreading the seeds of this technique. These days, people are now able to get valuable information through online testimonials, and even from their friends and relatives. Without any doubt, learning EFT is quite easy and convenient because it does not involve any expensive medicine or drugs. All we have to do is tap on the energy meridians of our body in a certain way, without any other person’s assistance. Nevertheless, it does not rule out the fact that we still need a trained practitioner in the initial phase to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of the Tapping Therapy. Guidance is necessary because it can increase the effectiveness of our efforts by helping us to dig deeper into the blocks which may be the cause of any existing emotional issues.

Why Join A EFT Training Or Practice Session?

1. The EFT practice: When we are in an EFT practice group, it keeps us motivated to get good results. However, EFT is a therapy and not a magic stick; therefore we need to practice a lot to achieve the results.

2. Enjoy the session and people: EFT sometimes might look weird and somewhat boring to us. But, it can be turned into a fun filled activity by practicing in groups, which in turn can be a good way to meet new friends and learn from them.

3. Motivation: It is easier and fun to practice in groups. When we are alone, it is natural that we become lazy even to reach the exercise bike in the garage. However, in the setting of a group, you get encouraged by watching others and you instinctively put in more effort.

4. Lots of help: When there are people around us, you will get advice and help from them. And, if we are going wrong in some way, they will guide us to the correct path.

5. Cheaper: Practicing in EFT group is much cheaper than hiring a practitioner for ourselves. Phobias, disappointments and anxieties can all be resolved in group sessions.

Different Ways To Learn EFT

Apart from books and manuals, there are many more ways to learn emotional freedom techniques, such as DVDs, online videos, online tutorial courses, etc. Below are the details:

EFT Manuals and eBooks – Manuals and eBooks on EFT Training can be found easily, and there are some good authors who have contributed to this field and one of them is Gary Craig. In fact, Gary Craig is considered the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT eBooks and manuals can be helpful only to the beginners.

DVDs – EFT tutorials through DVDs can be a good option to expand your base of knowledge on Tapping Therapy. Unlike manuals or eBooks, DVDs allow us to actually see the procedures involved in stimulating the energy meridians of our body through the Tapping Technique. The price of EFT DVDs usually starts from $30 and goes up to $150. And the price depends on the content level, i.e. Beginner, Moderate, or Advanced.

Online Videos – YouTube is a vast ocean of knowledge for sure. And there are plenty of EFT videos available on YouTube that can help us understand the basics as well as advanced aspects of emotional freedom technique. We can simply browse through the videos with the highest number of hits, or just subscribe to some reliable channels on YouTube.

EFT Academy or Workshops – This is by far the best way to learn EFT. Even though workshops on EFT cost more than other ways of learning EFT (DVDs, eBooks, etc), the results are quick and more effective in this case. Workshops provide instant answers to the questions that pop inside our mind during the practice session. Most importantly, attending workshops keep us motivated, without making the whole stuff look boring.

So, those are the different ways to learn EFT.

Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that each one of them has its own positive as well as negative aspect. For example, eBooks or manuals are generally free to download, but they do not appear as resourceful and helpful as the DVDs and online videos. On the other hand, it takes some great deal of patience as well as commitment to regularly watch the videos and practice them as well. Workshops are effective, but they can be relatively expensive. So, it is basically up to your comfort level, which should determine your choice. Whatever the choice might be, it is always important to do some homework before putting your faith on a particular one. In other words, we should always go with trusted eBooks, manuals, DVDs, and workshops on EFT Therapy.