If you are just starting to practice Reiki and want to go more deeply into the practice, you might be thinking that it would be difficult to reach the Reiki Master level. You have this impression that you have to train for a long time in order to be certified as a master. Reiki can be learnt and practiced by people of all ages and walks of life. The first level of Reiki training is what many people aim for. Upon successful completion of this level, you can treat yourself, family, friends, and even animals.

Read this guide to get more information on becoming a Reiki Master. Yes, it is possible reach the highest degree of Reiki and help many people with the healing power that you have.

What Is A Reiki Master?

A Reiki master is a Reiki practitioner whom has reached the highest degree of training.

The teaching of Reiki is commonly divided into three levels, also known as degrees. The first degree comprises the knowledge about the basic procedures and theories of Reiki and will train you on how to heal yourself and others using Reiki.

The second degree will focus on teaching the use of a number of symbols that are said to increase the distance and strength over which Reiki energy can be exerted. This includes the use of symbols to form a temporary connection between a practitioner and the recipient, regardless of location and time, to and subsequently send the Reiki energy.

Initially you would have to train for a long time to attain the second degree under the tutorship of Mikao Usui –the founder of this Reiki system. That is why only a handful were able to complete the second degree at that time. It also followed that very few people were able to finish the third degree, also known as “master training”.

What can you do once attaining the master level?

In addition to gaining the knowledge and training needed to heal yourself and others, you also have the option to teach this system to students. While in some forms of Reiki practice all Reiki Masters are qualified to teach, in other forms there are two levels of Master training – Master and Master Teacher. If you undergo and finish the training needed to teach Reiki, you’ll be attained as a Master Teacher.

What happens once you have attained the rank of Master Teacher? A master teacher is a master of Reiki and also has the ability to teach it.

Mystery Teachings In Reiki

The third degree is sometimes referred to in its Japanese name, “Shinpiden”, which means “mystery teachings”. For the purpose of becoming a Reiki Master, the “Master” title does not imply spiritual enlightenment. This is why a Master of Reiki can also be called a Master Teacher.

Do You Need to Teach Reiki As A Master?

Not everyone will want to teach Reiki. This shouldn’t stop you from attaining the Master degree. If you are not interested in teaching, you can be a Master Practitioner. During your master training, you will be exposed to further symbols to learn. You’ll also be taught with additional skills and knowledge which will prove to be useful later on in your practice.

Choosing A Reiki Master Or Master Teacher

Only a Reiki Master is qualified to teach the different forms of Reiki. At times, it seems that people are brought to a particular Reiki teacher by ‘fate’. However, there are instances when you find yourself with a number of options, and a combination of judgement and intuition can help you make a choice that is best suited for you.  Speaking with a Master you are considering as your Reiki teacher, knowing more about their Reiki journey, and maybe even receiving healing from them, can be helpful in making a decision.

Since the understanding of Reiki deepens with practice, the questions you ask could include how long a Master has been practicing Reiki. There are some branches of Reiki which recommend that Reiki Masters practice for at least ten years before beginning to teach.  If you are learning Reiki in order to support yourself or someone close to you whose condition is challenged, you might want to think about the scope of the teacher’s Reiki treatment experience.

What To Expect During Reiki Training

It is important to note that training varies greatly. This is because there is no central body for this healing system that sets guidelines and requirements. Different institutions have different training modules.

For example, in certain cases, you can complete the first two degrees in most institutions over the weekend. If you are interested in becoming a master, it will most probably take you more than a weekend. Some institutions offer two-day training courses. On the other hand, some institutions have longer duration periods. This is why training can take anywhere from two days to a year or even more.

In some cases, you might be required to undergo advanced training after finishing the second degree and before starting with the master training.

The Cost Of Reiki Training

Again, this depends on the institution. There is a wide range of fees for different Reiki classes. The fees may reflect the Master’s beliefs about spirituality and money. For instance, some people would consider it inappropriate to charge someone; others, however, believe that it is necessary for an exchange of some sort for the student or learner to value what they receive.

Aspects Of Training

You will be taught to give attunements to other trainees. In many cases, you will be taught about the system of attunements created by Usui himself. You can also expect to practice on how to give attunements. You won’t be able to complete your training if you haven’t mastered giving attunements. With constant practice, you’ll develop the confidence needed.

If you believe in Reiki, undergoing training to become a Reiki Master is worth it. You’ll know this for a fact once you start teaching or practicing Reiki as a master.