In the present world, we have to deal with a lot of problems in our daily lives. Emotional issues and health related problems are the two main areas that bother us from time to time. As a result, it becomes difficult for us to live our life happily and freely.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to deal with these issues, and it is known as EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. So, what is EFT? Like the term ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ suggests, it is basically a way or process that can help us to achieve true freedom or liberty from the emotions. But, why do we need to get freedom from emotions, and how is it related to our problems in life? Through this article, we will focus on what is Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy, its benefits and how can one learn this therapy.



Like we already said, EFT is an assortment of strong processes that involves the Tapping Technique. The techniques are definitely one of the major breakthroughs in the field of psychology, and till now EFT has changed the lives of thousands of people all across the world. These techniques are turning out to be popular in the present day context because it not just reveals emotional riots but physical symptoms as well. Moreover, it is absolutely easy to learn EFT. All we need to do is practice EFT for few minutes on a daily basis. And we will get positive results in just few days, without any kind of side effects. So, what this therapy involves?

EFT basically involves tapping on certain energy points on our body. Energy points or meridians are present in every human body, and by tapping on them gently we can maintain the balance of energy within our body. This is the reason why EFT is also referred as Meridian Tapping. No doubt, there are many similarities between the concept of Emotional Freedom Technique and Acupuncture, which is an ancient Chinese therapy. Acupuncture also involves the stimulation of energy points on our body to facilitate the flow of positive energy within our body. However in EFT, needles are not used as in the case of acupuncture.

Significance Of EFT

Studies have shown that emotional disturbances are the reason behind the majority of the problems we face in life, both emotional and physical. The pain we feel, such as the headache or stomach pain, are basically related to emotional disturbances on the sub-conscious level of our mind. Emotional disturbances often lead to an imbalance in our energy system, which can trigger negative emotions like anger, guilt, phobia, anxiety, depression, and lack of self esteem.

In fact, it can also cause different health related problems like headache, joint pain, weight gain, etc. However, we can do away with these negative emotions by using the therapy of emotional freedom technique. Through tapping, we can stimulate the energy points on our body and channel them to flow in the right direction, which in turn would take away the elements of negative emotions from our mind.

There are mainly two aspects of EF here. First is the tapping technique, and the second is called EFT script. The script involves saying something positive when tapping on the meridians. For example, if we need to get relief from drugs addiction, then we should utter some phrase(s) like “My life will be better without drugs”. Merely tapping on the energy points will not deliver the desired results. Therefore, we need to follow both the aspects carefully.

The Benefits Of Tapping Therapy

With the passage of time, numerous therapists have started using the EFT therapy on their clients, and no doubt, they are getting positive results even on complicated cases. Some issues can be cured or relieved in just few hours through the process of tapping On the other hand, some cases may need time and multiple therapies are required to heal them.

Some issues or energetic patterns which have been cured successfully through the tapping therapy are – emotions related to physical conditions, worrying emotions like anger and depression, emotions that are associated with addiction such as drinking and smoking or eating patterns, insomnia, phobias like fear of flying, driving, heights, enclosed places, etc. In addition, it can also help us get rid from emotional traumas like physical abuse, war experiences, etc. So, there are numerous beneficial aspects of practicing emotional freedom therapy.

Moreover, EFT is also quite effective in losing weight. Yes, it has been found that there is some relation between stress or depression and weight gain. When people live a stress filled life then they are more likely to gain weight. Fortunately, we can get rid of stress by using the therapy, and hence keep our weight in control.

In addition, EFT can also keep our blood pressure in control. After all, there is a direct relation between stress and blood pressure. When we live in a worry-free way, we certainly breathe and eat in a better way, which in turn keep our body in a healthy condition. So, the physical condition of our body is related to the energy or “Chi” that flows through the channels within our body. An, EFT is a great way to maintain the flow of positive energy throughout our mind and body.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are some obvious advantages of using EFT too. First of all, no tools or equipments are required to perform this therapy. All you need are your finger tips and knowledge about the energy points. Secondly, it takes hardly few hours to learn the Tapping technique. And, anyone can learn it through manuals, DVDs, YouTube videos, and training classes. Thirdly, one can perform or practice is anytime and anywhere. For example, if we are about to deliver a speech in a public meeting, but feeling scared around the same time, then in such situations tapping can be quite helpful. It can calm us down and remove the negative emotions from our mind, making us feel relaxed and more confident about ourselves.