We all hear and read about different methods to deal with negative emotions like depression, stress, anger, grief, and frustration. But, there are very few methods, or rather say, therapies, that can match up to the effectiveness of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

What is EFT and how is it different?

Well, there are a number of aspects that makes the Emotional Freedom Technique more beneficial and effective than the rest in the league. First of all, EFT not only deals with psychological or mental issues, but physical as well. Apart from helping us dealing with negative emotions, EFT therapy is also effective in doing away with pain and addiction. Through this article, we will help you know about the basics of EFT and what tapping points are.

The Basics Of EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique has its roots in the field of Energy Psychology. Being a recent phenomenon, the therapy is grabbing the attention of scientists, healers, spiritualists and common people as well.

As a matter of fact, EFT is closely related to Psychological Acupressure. Yes, acupressure is the same technique that involves unblocking our energy systems. A human body encompasses several energy points, which are located at certain points, starting from top of the head to the toes.

When any one of these energy points is blocked, it gives rise to emotional imbalance and discomfort. Emotional imbalances usually lead to limiting beliefs and negative behaviors, which make it difficult for us to live our life harmoniously. Negative emotions not only cause psychological discomfort, but physical issues as well, such as pain. Fortunately, the blockages in the energy system can be removed with the help of EFT Tapping.

So, what is Tapping now?

Tapping is the most vital aspect of Emotional Freedom Technique. In acupuncture therapy, needles are used to tap on the energy points or meridians of our body in order to stimulate the points. Energy points are located just below the surface of our skin. There is no doubt that acupuncture therapy really works.

However, if needles scare you, then EFT is definitely the best choice for you, because in EFT, finger tips are used for tapping on the energy points, instead of needles. So, it is definitely a plus point of this therapy because one can practice it anywhere and anytime, without using needles or any other equipment.

Moreover, being a natural therapy, EFT is absolutely safe and does not come with any side effects. Even if you do not have any psychological or physical issues, you can still practice EFT for self improvement. However, in order to practice it properly, it is important to have knowledge about the different EFT tapping points.

Different Tapping Points In Our Body

  • Hand Point – Also known as the Small Intestine meridian and the Karate Chop Point,this tapping point is found on the wrist, right between our pinky finger and the fleshy part of our non-dominant hand. By tapping on this point we can get rid of sorrow, obsession, grief, compulsive behavior, and vulnerable feelings.
  • Top of Head Point – Also known as the Hundred Meeting Point meridian, this point is placed at the top of our head. Owing to the fact the numerous energy points meet at this point, it is one of the vital energy centers. We can do away with clogged up thinking, lack of focus, and the inner critic by tapping on this point. Plus, it also enhances aspects like clarity, wisdom, spiritual connection, and intuition.
  • Eyebrow Point – Bladder meridian is the other name for this point, and it is positioned at the starting of our eyebrows, chiefly on the main side. And, by using the tapping technique on this point, we can release sadness, dissatisfaction, hurt, impatience, and trauma. In addition, it even triggers emotional healing as well as peace.
  • Side of Eye Point – We also refer it as the Gall Bladder meridian, and it is placed where our eyebrow ends, again chiefly on the main side. Negative emotions like rage, anger, resentment, fear of change, and muddled thinking can be dealt with by tapping on this point.
  • Under Eye Point – Also known as the Stomach meridian, tapping on this point help release worry, fear, disappointment, anxiety, nervousness and emptiness. Besides that, it also improves calmness, feeling of satisfaction as well as creates the feelings of being safe. It is situated under the pupil.
  • Under Nose Point – We also call it the “Governing meridian”, and by tapping on this meridian we can get rid of grief, fear of ridicule, embarrassment, powerlessness, and psychological reversals. It is situated beneath our nose.
  • Chin Point – Central meridian is the other name for this point, and we can tap on this point to get relief from negative emotions like embarrassment, uncertainty, confusion, shame, and second guessing. In addition, aspects like clarity, confidence and certainly also improves.
  • Collar Bone Point – We also call it “Kidney meridian”, and it is situated just beneath the knob of our collarbone. And, tapping on this point help release the feelings of being stuck, anxiety, uncertainty, general stress and psychological reversal.
  • Underarm Point – This point is situated six inches under our armpits. Negative emotions like worry, guilt, lack of hope, self esteem, and obsession can be cured by tapping on this point, which is also known as the Spleen meridian.

EFT And Fear Control

It cannot be ruled out that fear is one of our worst enemies. It is this negative emotion that lowers down our confidence and keeps us away from achieving our target. When we work under fear, it becomes difficult to understand and realize our true potential. For these reasons, it is absolutely essential to do away with this negative emotion.

EFT Therapy is highly effective in controlling fear. EFT for fear control is extensively used by therapists to cure their patients, and it works wonderfully. By tapping on the different energy points, we can release the blockage in our energy system and facilitate a flow of positive energy throughout our body, which in turn can help us do away with fear and anxiety.