Perhaps you have heard someone mention about an increasingly well-known technique known as guided imagery. Guided imagery is the process in which an individual brings their mind into a lucid state and uses images to reach a result in their lives toward generally being positive. This method is often used by many therapists who practice alternative medicine and are passionate about using guided imagery exercises. These exercises have been proven time and time again on a clinical basis to not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also to heal certain medical conditions in individuals all across the world.

In common medicine, it is easily recognized that the mind is the main cause of most health ailments and diseases. Through the conscious and subconscious use of our mind we are constantly determining what our lives will be like whether we know it or not. There are many things that can be learned through guided imagery exercises, and these are being discovered on a daily basis by people worldwide. Though guided imagery is typically derived from eastern medicine, many western practitioners are beginning to use guided imagery exercises on their patients to reduce stress more and more.

We mention the term exercise because the individual practising the technique will need to learn to perform it over time. The more time a user focuses on guided imagery exercises the more benefits can be gained from the practice such as stress reduction. The same thing can be said about the ever growing forms of meditation in that unless you practice them you will not reap the benefits of anxiety and stress reduction.

You may not realize it but each and every time you read a book or news article your mind begins to visualize the events you are reading about. This is turn is practising guided imagery in a sub conscious manner. However, when going about performing guided imagery exercises the user generally has a determined goal in mind.

One great example of a guided imagery exercise would be a customized exercise scripts that is tailored to help the user reduce stress. Typically to begin the individual would want to clear their mind of all thoughts and focus only on their breath for a few minutes. For instance, we will have the user focus their mind to a peaceful mountain viewpoint. The user should use their imagination to view what their surroundings are. You may begin to feel the cool breeze blow against your skin, hear the current of a flowing river in the distance, and look out at the turning of leaves on trees in the fall. Nearby some birds are flying by peacefully as you enjoy the beauty of the scenery from a mountain view. This is just one example of a guided imagery exercise and ultimately, it’s up to the individual to create their own.

As you can see guided imagery may be used to reduce stress in one’s life in many shapes and forms. Stress is able to be crippling when allowed prominence in one’s life, and through the practice of guided imagery exercises one can eliminate stress drastically and live an enjoyable life.