There are many types of yoga today, with Ayurvedic yoga being one of them. People are saying that Ayurvedic yoga can help you with various aspects of your well-being.

What does this type of yoga consist of and what makes it different from the others?

Yoga and Ayurveda are not two separate healing disciplines of India. Each has its unique function and place, but each overlaps into the other on many levels. For example, there’s an Ayurveda hair program included in yoga that encourages hair growth and health, Ayurveda weight loss program can help to loss weight.

Yoga And Ayurveda

A combination of yoga and Ayurveda can be applied simply and accessibly.

Yoga therapy is all about balancing the mind, that can help with self-awareness and realization.

Ayurveda addresses all aspects about healing and balancing the mind, and also to improve mental and physical health. Yoga is added to complement it.

To put it simply, Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the practice of the science.

Both Ayurveda and yoga originated as part of a greater system of Vedic knowledge. Yoga comes from the Yajur Veda, while Ayurveda originates in the Arthava and Rig Veda.

Both complement each other well as they’re both advocates of the use of meditation.

In both practices, they recognize that keeping the body healthy is vital for fulfilling the four aims of life: dharma (duty), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation).

Relieving Stress With Ayurvedic Yoga

Stress is one of the common issues that people face on a regular basis. An excess can lead to a range of health issues, including weight gain. It can even lead to the loss of hair.

Ayurveda yoga makes a good stress-buster. The Ayurveda ensures that your body achieves balance in your mind and body. There are also Ayurvedic principles that allow you to combat stress like meditation. Of course, yoga in itself is a well-known stress reducer as it helps to clear and relax your mind.

A Treatment Option Of Both

Ayurvedic yoga can serve as a good preventive option as it combats stress and helps to balance your energies. However, can it also serve as a treatment option?

In Ayurveda, many illnesses can be traced back to the fact that a person has an imbalanced body type.

For example, indigestion is an illness that’s caused by an excess of Pitta energy. A common cold may be due to an excess in your Kapha levels, and so on.

Along with managing your diet, taking herbal remedies, and ensuring other lifestyle changes, illness and disease can in part be resolved by doing yoga postures.

By practicing Ayurvedic yoga, you can help restore the balance in your body so these illnesses can be resolved.

Yoga Postures

A specific posture and sequences of those postures for creating harmony in the body can be accorded to each dosha type.

For a Pitta, the postures may help you cool off the excess heat in your body. A Kapha-based sequence will create heat in the body through relaxing postures. Lastly, a Vata sequence involves postures that can help settle down the mind.

You will find it useful to practice a range of yoga postures that help to resolve the most excessive type of energy in your body. With that, you will restore your body to a more peaceful and balanced state!